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Monday, 11/05/2020



Can tho city is the fourth biggest city in Vietnam, and the biggest city in the Mekong Delta. Center of economic and commercial with nickname the Western capital. The city located on the south bank of the Hau River, a distributary of the Mekong River. Where were place had combined combination a lot of culture Vietnamese – Chinese – Khmer – Cham. The fertile soils nurtured by the maze of tributaries, canals and rivers here, Can Tho produces the largest number of agricultural products.



  1. Cai Rang Floating Market. It is the most iconic floating market not only in Mekong Delta but also in all Vietnam. Located just 6 kilometers from Can Tho City, it takes you only 30 minutes away from Ninh Kieu Wharf by boat. Cai Rang Floating Market has existed for more than 100 years, making it one of the oldest cultural practices in Mekong Delta. Cai Rang is also listed as the top 6 busiest floating markets on the world. Come to Cai Rang floating market, you can see the life on the water so vividly. The people here are so adapted to the river life with their boat-house where they have everything they need on the water. one of those interesting that is they will not yell what they are selling, instead of that they will infrom to buyers what are they selling on bamboo pole. of course just only goods able to hang ones.
  2. Visit the traditional Vietnamese architecture at Binh Thuy Ancient House. Located at about 10 kilometers from Can Tho City, Binh Thuy Ancient House shines with a classic French architecture style. Built in late 19 century, Binh Thuy ancient house is among few ancient houses left in Mekong Delta that has been kept intact.
  3. Pitu Khôsa Răngsây pagoda (Khmer pagoda southern), the famous pagoda should visit to learning about culture Buddhism Khmer in Vietnam.
  4. My Khanh Tourist Garden. The nature garden and a peaceful atmosphere lying on the bank of Can Tho River. Not only plants to see here, but My Khanh garden also has many things to see such as monkey circus, dog and pig races, boating, fishing, watching Don Ca Tai Tu performance, tasting southern delicacies like sizzling cake, khot cake, grilled corn, grilled chicken and fish... Another special thing to try is on harvest season, you can taste the fresh fruits here right off the branch.


  1. Phong Dien Floating Market. Located just 17km away from the center of Can Tho. This floating market is among the busy floating market with abundant and diverse products like fruits, vegetables, foods, household items, gasoline and working tools. Come to Phong Dien, you can see the sampan boats, motorboats and big boats full of products cruising slowly on the river, making it such a unique, bustling and no less iconic scene only to be seen in this region.
  2. Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary. Located. Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary covers an area of 19 square kilometers and is home to tens of thousands of storks. The visitors will see the storks flying and standing in clusters on the trees' branches here. It's just a peaceful scene to see in the rural area of Can Tho.
  3. Can Tho night market is also the good spot to hang out in Can Tho at night. The night market attracts locals and tourists alike with its nice souvenirs, delicious street food, and walking street. From the market, you can enjoy Hau River lit up with the sparkling lights.


  1. Rent a private car with English speaking driver will be more comfortable and relaxing. And make sure you would not miss the important destination in city.
  2. Taxis. Taxis start at average at 12,000 VND for the first kilometer and 17,000 VND per kilometer thereafter. Do not take unmetered taxis!


  1. Phuong Nam Restaurant. If someone is looking for amazing quality of food at a budget, this is the place. They cater Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine mainly. Also, it’s vegetarian friendly, brownie points for that. Location: 48 Hai BàTrưng, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam.
  2. Bún bò Huế Vĩ Dạ Restaurant. Rice noodle soup and beef noodles are the favourite of the masses from this restaurant, hands down. Location: 15 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam
  3. Bo Tung Xeo Nu Nhi Hong. Formerly known as Micky’s bar & Grill, beef rolled with stuffed cheese, steak and Vietnamese draught beers are a customers’ favourite from this eatery. This place guarantees yummy dinner. Location: 202, Đường Võ Văn Kiệt, An Hoà, Bình Thủy,Can Tho, Vietnam.
  4. Sao Hôm Restaurant.  The restaurant offers Asian and Vietnamese cuisines. Its specialty is cocktails and fish in clay pot. Location: Hai Bà Trưng, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam
  5. Book Café ONC. It is the best place for tired tourists who just want some me time. There’s plenty of books and enough space for someone to chill after a rough day. They have super cozy sofas and air-conditioned space. Location: 6 Hoa Binh,Can Tho, Vietnam.


The best time to visit Can Tho From April – June. It’s the time the tropical fruits are picked with the most comfortable weather and light rain. Another best time to visit Can Tho is the time just before Lunar New Year when the atmosphere is so bustling with flowers and all kinds of products for the major New Year.


Can Tho City is not really busy city and it’s a safe place to backpack and travel – even if you’re traveling solo or even as a solo female traveler. Violent crime against travelers is very rare, but petty crime and theft is not. In crowded places, you’ll want to keep your purse/wallet close and be mindful of the activity around you. Don’t keep your cell phone or money in your hand as you’re walking around.

Traffic can be hard to navigate in Can tho City. Motorbikes are everywhere, and as a pedestrian, crossing the street can be scary. Wait for a break in the traffic before crossing the road and then slowly go to the other side.

Most people are very honest! Be on alert for scams. Just keep an eye out.


Can Tho offers a good range of accommodation, mostly located at Hai Ba Trung Street. There are a lot of luxury 5-star hotels, the hotels and hostels in Can Tho are spacious and can offer a great stay.


You don’t need to do much to save money in Can Tho City as it’s super inexpensive to visit already. But, if you must, here are some ways you can cut down your costs:

  1. Ask your hotel staff – Before you leave the hotel, ask them to estimate how much what you want to do should cost. How much a ride to tourist places should cost? How much should I pay to have a t-shirt like this made? How much for noodles soup… They will be able to give you bargaining guidelines.
  2. Eat street food – Street food in Can Tho is inexpensive and delicious. There is some food you should try: Cong Cake, Vietnamese pancakes, Bun Reu Cua (a noodle soup with tomato crab and rice vermicelli and a dumpling/cake made of paddy crab and shrimp paste).


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