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Dong Thap is a province in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam with green rice paddies, beautiful lotus lakes, and Sa Dec colorful flower garden. Coming to Dong Thap, you not only have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the peaceful canals, the vast fields of fragrant rice and lotus ponds but also enjoy the countless delicious dishes of the Mekong Delta countryside. Dong Thap region is an ideal place for those who want to escape from the bustling town and enjoy a peaceful and idyllic rural life. While you are planning for a perfect vacation in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam by yourself, Dong Thap will deserve to be placed in your list thanks to its rustic and serene charms.

History of Dong Thap

Dong Thap is a newly-cultivated area in about 17th and 18th century, under Nguyen dynasties. Foundation of this area adhered to powerful struggling history against nature, dangerous animals and aggressors. The South of Dong Thap province whose centre is Sa Dec plays a very significant role. Many researches have shown that overseas Vietnamese got to come to Sa Dec area for reclaiming and setting up hamlets at least at the end of 17th century or at the beginning of 18th century. After the civil war between Nguyen Anh and Tay Son, Gia Long was on the throne to help stabilize Sa Dec and made it become a part of Vinh An district. Sa Dec then with a favorable geographical location, did become the most crowded trading centre of Mekong delta at that time, only smaller than Sai Gon, Cho Lon. Since April 30th 1975, was merged with Sa Dec to become Dong Thap nowadays.

Main attractions in Dong Thap

  1. Sa Dec Flower Village. Located in Tan Qui Dong Commune, Sa Dec City, and is accreted every year by Tien River. Being more than 100 years old, the village is a place specializing in planting and supplying flowers, ornamental plants, bon sai for domestic and foreign areas, especially on the occasion of the New Year and local festivals.
  2. Tram Chim National Park. Every year, when the water comes back, Tram Chim wears new colorful clothes with dances of nature. Rather than picking up the dawn, you can start exploring in the afternoon to enjoy the wonderful scenery. In addition, the floating water season is also where the lotus fields in bloom all over the place, so you should go boat in the middle of the lot to be able to feel the full beauty of the vast lot of the place.
  3. Xeo Quyt Eco-Tourism Site. Xeo Quyt is locally known as one of the most famous historical and ecological sites in the Mekong Delta. A visit to the site enables you to admire the lush green cajuput forest especially by a local wooden sampan. While soaking up the fresh air and cool breeze from the forest, you are told Vietnamese people’s proud stories happening during the wartime. Apart from those activities, it’s also a chance to taste food which once saved lives of many guerillas in the past.
  4. Dam Sen Thap Muoi (Lotus Fields in Thap Muoi). This destination has attracted many tourists to come and visit. Dong Sen is located in My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district, 40 km away from Cao Lanh city, visitors come here to enjoy the soothing atmosphere, try themselves in the costume of a three-piece dress and “non la” (palm-leaf conical hat). In addition, visitors can enjoy dishes made from lotus such as: lotus sweet soup, lotus steamed rice, lotus chicken salad, fish grilled with lotus leaf...
  5. Nguyen Sinh Sac's Tomb. Nguyen Sinh Sac relic is located in Cao Lanh City and is divided into 2 main areas (one area includes the grave and memorial house, the other includes stilt house and Uncle Ho fish pond). This is the place to express gratitude towards the father of President Ho Chi Minh. Every year on October 27th of the lunar calendar, people and tourists gather to celebrate the ceremony in a solemn atmosphere as if it is a big local festival.
  6. Phuoc Kien Pagoda. It is (also known as Lotus Pagoda) located in Hoa Tan commune, Chau Thanh district. Inside the temple, people grow a kind of lotus that features giant leaves. These leaves can have a diameter of 1.5 to 2 m, with thick and large veins, and 4-5 cm high edges that make the leaves look like a giant green plate. Especially, a leave can withstand the weight of an adult up to 70kg.
  7. Gao Giong Eco-Tourism Park. Gao Giong used to be a harsh and inhospitable land full of alum where there was no species found. Nevertheless, the local authority determined to reclaim the land and turn it into a beautiful eco-tourism park. Today, the park has received thousands of visitors every year. It’s not only the place of enchanting landscapes, but also has a rich diversity of flora and fauna species. It’s sure that you’ll find out the charm of peace and tranquility there.

Specialties of Dong Thap

It is regret if you do not try the dishes: “Linh” fish soup with “Dien Dien” flower, crab hotpot, frog fried butter, stir-fried frog with coconut milk, chili and grilled frogs or frog porridge, stir-fried mouse, tearing milling, gutter rat fat, Sa Dec noodles. Besides, you also buy special gifts for your friends and family such as Lai Vung pink mandarin, pink lotus wine, Chau Thanh logans, Sa Giang shrimp crackers...

Where to Stay in Dong Thap

When having a trip to Dong Thap, you can choose an accommodation in Sa Dec City or Cao Lanh City since both of them are the most central positions of the province. An alternative is to stay overnight at Tram Chim National Park, very convenient for sightseeing next morning.



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