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Ha Tien town in Kien Giang Province is a popular tourist site of the region thanks to its beautiful beaches and landscapes. It is at the western end of the Mekong Delta close to the Cambodian border. The town is just 8km from the Cambodian border. From the 18th century, Ha Tien has been one of the crowded trading townships, a port full of ships from western and Asian countries. The trading shop and stalls of the Chinese people were spring up. Ha Tien sea is currently one of the beautiful landscapes with originated scene, quiet and romantic, a masterpiece gifted by nature.


History of Ha Tien

Ha Tien was established in 1674 by a small group of Chinese people. They supported the Ming Dynasty and opposed the Qing Dynasty. They were led by Mo Jiu also known as Mạc Cuu. When in the 17th century the Qing dynasty was defeated, Mac Cuu, born in Guangdong in China, fled to Ha Tien. He took his followers and other interested people with him and they settled there under the reign of Lord Nguyen. When they arrived in south Vietnam, the Nguyen Lords ordered the King of the Khmer to grant land to them. The Chinese built markets in this place and turned it into a busy business town. Vietnamese people gradually arrived here. During the 17th and 18th century the area was invaded and pillaged several times by the Thais. The Khmer governor turned to the Nguyen Lords for support in 1708 when again the Thai threatened the area. In August 1708, Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu appointed Mac Cuu division commander of Ha Tien. The area became Vietnamese territory when Mac Cuu delivered its sovereignty to the Nguyen Lords and he was conferred the position of ruler of this town. He governed this area as a fiefdom under the protection of the Nguyen Lords and became part of Vietnam.

Main attractions in Ha Tien

  1. Mui Nai beach, a pristine peaceful beach for lazing, swimming and enjoying saefoods. Mui Nai is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ha Tien. Next to the beach, there is a small market that sells sea food such as lobsters, sea crabs and squids.
  2. Thach Dong is a stone moutain, 80m (260ft high) standing alone in the middle of a vast plain. On the mountain, there’s a high and large cave with many strange stalactites and a entire sacred and ancient Tien Son pagoda inside. Thach Dong pagoda is an amazing and colorful structure inside a cave housing a statue of Jade Emperor as well as a statue of Quan Am.
  3. Da Dung mountain is nearly 100m high, 6km from Ha Tien town. The mountain has many caves and pagodas of Cham ethnic group.
  4. Mac Cuu Family Tombs. This Mac Cuu family played a prominent role in the history of Ha Tien. The tombs of the Mac Cuu family are not far from the town. The hill where they lie is known locally as Nui Lang, the hill of the tombs. Mac Cuu and several dozen of his relatives are buried here in traditional Chinese tombs decorated with figures of dragons, phoenixes, lions and guardians.
  5. Chua Hang pagoda, whose beautiful landscape will not waste your effort.

Get to Phu Quoc Island from Ha Tien

Many tourists usually combine Ha Tien and Phu Quoc, a beautiful island nearby. To get to Phu Quoc from Ha Tien, you can choose:

High-speed ship

  • Superdong, a bit more expensive but high quality. There’re 2 trips/day from Ha Tien, at 7.45am and 12am, take about 2 hours to arrive at $14/adult and $10/child.
  • Hong Tam 1 and 2 leave from Ha Tien dock, and take less than 2 hours to arrive in Ham Ninh port, Phu Quoc.
  • Thach Thoi ferry, take nearly 3 hours for $9/ticket. The ferry can carry vehicles.


Phu Quoc vaccination speeded for tourist back

Phu Quoc wants vaccination speeded up to get tourists back.

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