How To Travel From Dalat To Danang?

Monday, 04/12/2023

The city of Danang is a fantastic option to visit after your vacation to Dalat because it is home to stunning beaches and a lively culture. You will find helpful information in this transportation guide if you want to get from Dalat to Danang by plane, bus, or private car.

Distance from Dalat to Danang?

The coordinates for Dalat are (11.9465,108.4419), and the coordinates for Danang are (16.0678,108.2208). Both of these cities are located in Vietnam. As determined by the calculation, the distance between Dalat and Danang is equivalent to 285 miles, which is equivalent to 459 kilometers.

Walking-street-for-tourists-in-Danang-city-at-nightWalking street for tourists in Danang city at night

Dalat and Danang are separated by a distance of 667.16 kilometers if you choose to travel between the two cities by automobile. The amount of time it will take you to travel is five hours and fifty-seven minutes if you drive your automobile at an average speed of 112 kilometers per hour (70 miles per hour). The distance between flying and traveling by car is 208 kilometers.

How to get to Danang from Dalat?

Dalat to Danang by bus

If you want to travel from Danang to Dalat, you can take a tourist sleeper bus. There are a few different tourist bus companies from which you can choose, such as Vietnam Travel Bus, Phuong Trang (Futabus), and Thanh Thuy – sleeper buses.  The journey from Danang to Dalat on a sleeper bus takes between 12 to 17 hours, and the cost of a bus ticket from Danang to Dalat ranges from $14 to 18 per person.  

In order to board the bus, you are need to arrive thirty to sixty minutes before departure and display the voucher (e-ticket from the email). If you want to go from Danang to Dalat, you can purchase bus e-tickets online through Baolau or Alternatively, you can order tickets through the hotline bus company. When you arrive in Danang City, you will receive your bus e-ticket via email. It will be ready for you to print or carry in your smart phone or tablet, and you will be required to present it at the ticket counter at the station or at the bus before boarding the bus. 

Temple-inside-Huyen-Khong-cave-on-Ngu-Hanh-Son-mountain-DanangTemple inside Huyen Khong cave on Ngu Hanh Son mountain, Danang

By purchasing your ticket from Dalat to Danang in advance, you can avoid paying a bad price for your journey and save yourself a lot of money! In most cases, the price will be lower if you make your reservation earlier. In addition, you will be guaranteed a seat on the bus that travels from Dalat to Danang, in contrast to the situation in which you would be able to purchase it at the last moment or straight at the station.

If at all possible, try to avoid traveling during rush hour. Consider going on a trip during the week rather than one on the weekend. It is also more cost-effective to travel in the evening or at night, and buses departing from Dalat to Danang later in the day are also more likely to be empty.


Dalat-to-Da-Nang-by-flightDalat to Da Nang by flight

Traveling to Danang via airplane is the quickest way to get there. Among the airlines that provide direct flights between Dalat and Danang are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet, and Bamboo Airways. There is a regular flow of aircraft that departs from the airport in Lien Khuong and arrives at the international airport in Danang.

It takes around one hour and five minutes for the airplane to travel from Dalat to Danang. Please be aware that the flight duration is contingent upon several circumstances, including the weather conditions and the airline you select. Be sure to consider the time required to reach the Lien Khuong airport, which is thirty minutes from the city center of Dalat. Flying tickets from Dalat to Danang range from $28.22 to $70, depending on the route used. It is possible to obtain cheaper rates on airline tickets if you order them in advance online.

Airport shuttle buses, taxis, and private car transfers are some of the modes of transportation available for those who wish to go from Dalat Airport to the city's central business district.


Dalat to Danang by private car

When traveling from Dalat to Nha Trang, the most expedient and pleasant mode of transportation is going to be a private automobile transfer. In the event that you are willing to pay a little bit more money. as opposed to boarding a bus that is shared). 

When travelling from Nha Trang to Dalat, using a private automobile transfer offers several additional advantages. First, you may steer clear of the inconveniences of using public transit, such as crowded buses, extended wait periods, and predetermined schedules. 

Marble-sculpture-of-a-happy-Buddha-with-children-at-a-Buddhist-temple-in-Danang-city-VietnamMarble sculpture of a happy Buddha with children at a Buddhist temple in Danang city, Vietnam

By renting a private car, you can depart at any time that is convenient for you, and you will also have the freedom to modify your route as you see fit. If you require it, you can also request a car that is accessible to people with disabilities, a car that is pet-friendly, or a car that has a child safety seat.

Secondly, you will enjoy the convenience and security of a contemporary and well-maintained automobile that an experienced and English-speaking driver drives. Throughout the duration of your travel, you will have access to complimentary Wi-Fi, bottled water, and air conditioning service. Furthermore, you can inquire with your driver for local advice and suggestions concerning Dalat and the surrounding areas.

All the way through. We intend to halt at the stop so that you may take a break, use the restroom, stretch your legs, and the driver can also take a break and have lunch.Our chauffeurs have extensive experience interacting in the English language. As a result, you can also convey your wish to him.

In addition to that, you can make the most of your trip by going to some of the sights that are located along the route from Dalat to Danang. 

It is highly recommended that you take a car as your mode of transportation from Dalat to Danang. To ensure that you have a wonderful journey from Dalat to Danang, get in touch with Vietnam Trust Car Rental right away. 




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