The Ultimate For Visting Black Virgin Mountain, Tay Ninh

Tuesday, 02/07/2024

Are you planning to Tay Ninh, Vietnam? Don't forget the Black Virgin Mountain, which is located the northeast of Tay Ninh City and around 100km distant from Ho Chi Minh City. 

Black Virgin Mountain is a well-recognized landmark in South Vietnam. The natural nature that surrounds Black Virgin Mountain is mesmerizing, with breathtaking sceneries that can grab the hearts of absolutely everyone who visits that area.

Overview of Black Virgin Mountain

  • Location: Thanh Tan commune, Tay Ninh city
  • Entrance fee: 12,000 VND/adult, 8.000 VND/child
  • Hours: 07:00 am - 05:00 pm

Black Virgin Mountain is also called " Ba Den Mountain" and a part of the Nui Ba Historical and Cultural Complex. Located in Tay Ninh, Vietnam, this complex is well-known for its enigmatic and interesting stories. 

This mountain is the tallest peak in the region of Vietnam and is located in the southeast with a height of 986 meters.

Ba Den Mountain is also a symbolic representation of the Tay Ninh people and land. 

Black Virgin Mountain, Tay Ninh

The Nui Ba Complex is comprised of three mountains: Nui Heo ( Pig Mountain ), Nui Phung (Phoenix Mountain), and Nui Ba Den ( Black Virgin Mountain).

In addition, there are many temples here such as Ha Temple, the Trung Temple, the Thuong Tempe, and the Cave Temple, and many caves like Thanh Long Cave, Ong Ho Cave, Ba Co Cave, Ba Tuan Cave, and many others. 

So, this spectacular complex is visited by a large number of people due to the magnificent natural surroundings and stunning structures that it contains. 

Ba Den Mountain is the most well-known of the three mountains that make up the Nui Ba Complex which is a legend with the legend of Ly Thi Thien Huong, the lady who is regarded as the Black Virgin.  

The best time to visit Ba Den Mountain

The best time to visit Ba Den Mountain is from December to April in the next year. The weather is sunny, less rainy and clear sky. So, this is the best time for traveling in Black Virgin Mountain. 

Visitors can enjoy in the your travel without having to worry about severe downpours and muddy trails, which results in an experience that is more enjoyable and comfortable.

Tourists take commemorative photos with the landmark of Ba Den mountain


If you want to immere in the festival season at Ba Den Mountain, you should visit from January 4th to January 16th. The festival attract a significant number of pilgrims to the mountain. 

 A one-of-a-kind opportunity to see traditional ceremonies, performances, and local customs is provided by the lively environment that is characteristic of the celebration.

How to get to Black Virgin Mountain

Black Virgin Mountain is about 100 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and only about 30 km from the Cambodian border. It takes about 2 hours to drive by private car. 

There are many ways to transfer from Saigon to Ba Den Mountain such as by motorbike, bus, or private car. 

If you want to save money, you should choose to ride a motorbike and travel for a long distance. 

However, to relax and be comfortable for your journey, you should transfer by private car from Ho Chi Minh to Tay Ninh. 

16-seat car transporting passengers from Saigon to Ba Den Mountain

You can stop anywhere or anywhere when renting a taxi with a driver. Besides, you can many private spaces, talk with friends and family, and explore many famous sights on the way. 

What to do in Ba Den Mountain? 

Explore the Ba Den Mountain scenery on a cable car

One of the best things to do in Black Virgin Mountain, Tay Ninh is to admire the beauty of nature by the cable. The ride of the cable car will take you approximately 4 minutes each way. 

Then, you will have to ascend through a paved staircase for around 30 to 45 minutes.  Along these staircases, you will see pagodas, which are places of worship for the Vietnamese people who live in the area.

Take the cable car at Ba Den Mountain

Tourists can see beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Additionally, you can explore the historical and tourist monuments in Ba Den Mountain. 

Go trekking and climb on the Ba Den Mountain

It is impossible to find a cable car journey that can compare to the exhilarating sensation of walking and climbing the slopes of Ba Den Mountain. This experience provides a sense of accomplishment and a sense of being deeply connected to nature. 

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to interact with the local wildlife and you will feel a sense of accomplishment once reaching the peak.

From the mountain foot, it is around 6-hour climb to the very top of the mountain. It will take approximately four and a half hours to return from the pagoda. 

A further two hours of hiking is required to reach the peak of the mountain, which is where the pleasure of hiking begins at the end of the staircases. The track is so well-marked that it is impossible to get lost on it; yet, it is difficult to navigate due to the presence of boulders or rocks along the path. 

At some point along the path, around one hour after leaving the stairs, you will come across a rock that is projecting, and you should not pass up the opportunity to take a picture of it. 

Explore pagodas on Black Virgin Mountain

Travelers will get the chance to see several well-known pagodas while visiting Ba Den Mountain. 

Each of these pagodas has its unique significance and appeal. The Ba Tay Ninh Pagoda, the Hang Pagoda, the Linh Son Hoa Dong Pagoda, the Linh Son Phuoc Trung Pagoda, and the Quan Am Pagoda are noteworthy examples of pagodas that may be found at the base of the mountain. 

A sacred place that draws in a large number of pilgrims, the Ba Den Pagoda distinguishes among them due to its extensive history that spans over 300 years.

Watch the beautiful scenery of Ba Den Mountain

To capture many memories in Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh, you must take pictures of lovely moments with friends and family in here. 

Take pictures of the flower garden at Black Virgin Mountain

The breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds the mountain may be seen in its entirety of Black Virgin Mountain, which provides tourists with a breathtaking panorama.

Above is the information about Black Virgin Mountain that we want to give to you. Hope you will a interesting trip in Vietnam. If you need to book a Vietnam car rental with a local driver, let's contact us. 

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