Top Things To Do In Ca Mau, Vietnam

Monday, 25/03/2024

Ca Mau is located in the southernmost tip of Vietnam and a site that is filled to the brim with untouched natural beauty and a diverse cultures. There are a lot of genuine experiences and hidden jewels to be found in this location because it is not typically on the typical tourist trail.  We are going to go into the top things to do in Ca Mau that can be enjoyed in this interesting region, which is a place where excitement and peace coexist.

Discover Hon Da Bac Island

  • Address: Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province

Hon Da Bac Island is located at Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau and around 50 km away from Ca Mau city. Despite the fact that it is only 6.34 hectares in size, the island is shown to be quite useful for fishing vessels that are looking for protection from storms. The natural blanket of tropical forest flora that covers Hon Da Bac contributes to the area's impression of being an incredibly lush green.

In keeping with its name, Hon Da Bac, also known as Silver Stone Island, is ornamented with a fascinating spectacle: granite stones of varied sizes that have been skillfully arranged both on the surface of the sea and on the ocean bed. The craftsmanship of nature is on full display in this one-of-a-kind geological structure.

Woman traveling Hon Da Bac Island, Ca Mau

As an additional point of interest, the sea that surrounds the island functions as both a nurturing refuge and a protective haven for a wide variety of marine organisms. There is a spectacular aquatic ballet taking place under the azure seas, where shoals of mullet and brown fish are intertwining with one another.

Khoai island

  • Address: Ngoc Hien District of Ca Mau Province, around 14.6 km away to the southwest of Nam Can Tow, Ca Mau

Khoai Island is a natural marvel that the Creator has bestowed upon the cape land. It is considered to be of great value. A natural landscape that is composed of clouds, the sea, and the forest can be found on Hon Khoai, which is located 14.6 kilometres to the southwest of the mainland. This natural scenery is both interesting and romantic.

Khoai island Ca Mau

The island gives tourists the impression that they are lost in a world that is primal, untamed, and mysterious. More than one thousand different kinds of plants and animals can be found in this ecological museum, which is of great value. Khoai Island is one of the top things to do in Ca Mau and an excellent vacation spot for travellers who have a passion for discovering the natural world.

Explore Ca Mau Cape

  • Address: Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province

Ca Mau Cape, located in the southern point of Vietnam, is the most remote place along the country's coastline. Mangrove forests, tranquil canals, and stunning scenery are some of the things that the cape has to offer. In this location, you will get the opportunity to explore the renowned Dat Mui Landmark, an artistic expression that portrays the region's maritime heritage. 

Tourist visiting Ca Mau Cape

In addition, the cape is home to a remarkable lighthouse, which serves as a vantage point from which one may observe spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. In addition, boat cruises along the complex canals offer the chance to immerse oneself in the natural splendor of the mangrove forests and have the opportunity to observe the everyday activities of the local fisherman.

Ca Mau Floating Market

  • Address: Around 200 meters away from the Ganh Hao Bridge and belong to Ward 8 of Ca Mau City.

When traveling in Ca Mau, Vietnam, you should definitely make it a point to stop by the Ca Mau Floating Market. This one-of-a-kind market, which is situated on the canals of the Ganh Hao River, highlights the fascinating culture and day-to-day activities of the people who live in the area. Boats decked out in vibrant colours and filled with a wide variety of items, such as fresh vegetables, seafood, handicrafts, and household goods, congregate on the lake in this area.

During the early hours of the morning, Ca Mau comes to life as boats from all over the region join together to engage in bustling trading operations. A dynamic atmosphere is created when buyers and sellers engage in the exchange of items. During their travels through Ca Mau, tourists will have the opportunity to observe the age-old customs of riverine trade that have been a characteristic of this region for decades. This floating market is not simply a site of commerce; it is also a cultural experience that allows visitors to witness these traditions and among top things to do in Ca Mau. 

Nam Can Mangrove Forest

  • Address: Tam Giang Commune, Nam Can District, Ca Mau

Nam Can Mangrove Forest has an area of 63,017 hectares, making it the second largest mangrove forest in the world, after the Amazone forest in South America. 

This mangrove forest in Nam Can is a rich biological reserve with more than 15,000 hectares that are contained within the Ca Mau Cape National Park. It has a great number of species that exhibit characteristics that are distinctive to the mangrove ecosystem. While in this wonderful mangrove forest, guests will have the opportunity to explore nature, immerse themselves in wildlife, breathe in fresh air, experience the sensation of reclining on stilts in the mangrove forest, and indulge in rare specialties that are only available here.

Explore Nam Can Mangrove Forest in Ca Mau

Go on a boat at U Minh Ha National Park

  • Address: Vo Doi hamlet, Tran Van Thoi, Ca Mau

Located in Ca Mau, Vietnam, U Minh Ha National Park is a beautiful wetland reserve that is well-known for the rich biodiversity that it contains. Intricate canals, deep mangrove forests, and one-of-a-kind ecosystems are all features of the park's verdant landscapes, which together serve as a sanctuary for a wide variety of animal species. 

The beauty of U Minh Ha National Park Ca Mau

U Minh Ha National Park is home to a wide variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, including the endangered silver langurs and long-tailed macaques. This park provides individuals who are interested in nature and birdwatching with a wealth of possibilities to enjoy themselves. While elevated walkways offer a peek into the park's environment, guided boat cruises allow visitors to experience the park's beautiful beauty. The park is not only dedicated to the preservation of essential habitats, but it also provides visitors with an immersive experience that highlights the delicate balance of nature in the southernmost regions of Vietnam.

Visit Ngoc Hien Bird Sanctuary

  • Address: Hamlet 1, Ward 1, Ca Mau 

Not only is the Ngoc Hien Bird Sanctuary one of the largest avian havens in Vietnam, but it also encompasses a broad area of over 130 hectares. In addition to its thriving environment, this well-known refuge is characterised by its lovely natural setting. Because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere, the Ngoc Hien Bird Sanctuary has become the most popular location in the Mekong Delta for conducting observations of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Ca Mau travellers who are interested in nature will find the sanctuary to be an ideal place to relax and unwind. A wide variety of bird species are able to feed on the lush canopy that the forests provide. A serene and wild scene is presented by the mangroves, which are a lovely feature that emerge gently from the blue seas. During the wet season, tourists have the opportunity to embark on voyages on wooden boats, during which they may discover the verdant surroundings and observe the graceful flights of a variety of species.

Explore Thi Tuong Lagoon

  • Address: Situated near the Ba Keo Canal, which connects to the Gulf of Thailand via the My Binh River, in the districts of Tran Van Thoi and Cai Nuoc, Phu Tan

Three districts in Ca Mau make up Thi Tuong Lagoon: Cai Nuoc, Tran Van Thoi, and Phu Tan. This lagoon is around 700 hectares in size and extends over 12 kilometers in length. It was formed by silt deposits produced by the My Binh River, the Ong Doc River, and some minor tributaries. Perched along the expanse of the lagoon are homes that are elevated on stilts. 

Thi Tuong Lagoon in Ca Mau

Travelers visiting Ca Mau have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the authentic culture of this region by taking motorboat rides while exploring the lagoon. Tourists can indulge in the mouthwatering cuisine of the area while listening to the captivating stories that the locals have to tell about the quiet existence of the lagoon. This is in addition to the stunning views.

Relax on the Khai Long Beach

  • Address: Located in Dat Mui hamlet, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau

Located to the east of Cape Ca Mau, Khai Long Beach encompasses a total area of 150 hectares and belong to region of the mangrove ecosystem, there are a great number of forests that are both wild and gorgeous.  When going to Khai Long beach, visitors have the opportunity to participate in activities such as capturing prawns, discovering snails, or wading through the forest in order to catch crabs and fish.  In addition, you have the option of attempting to convert into a fisherman fishing through the mangroves if you so desire.  There are also a great number of valuable specialties that are popular among tourists, such as prawns, crab, fish, clams, snails, and oysters.

Khai Long Beach in Ca Mau

As a result of the beach's extensive fine sand, guests can play with their loved ones and family members in comfort. From this Khai Long beach, one may get a bird's-eye view of the magnificent Hon Khoai island.

The compelling combination of natural beauty, colourful culture, and delectable cuisine that can be found in Ca Mau Vietnam is truly remarkable. Top things to do in Ca Mau on the above will provide you with the opportunity to explore tour attractions, and immerse yourself in the region's charm.




Top Best Restaurants In Ca Mau
Ca Mau will take visitors on a journey to conquer the southernmost area of the country. Along the way, they will be awestruck by the vastness of the Melaleuca and mangrove forests, and they will feel at ease with the uncomplicated way of life of the people who live in the sea. However, All of this will never be sufficient if you do not include the Ca Mau dishes and places you must consume while in Ca Mau. In this guide, we will introduce top best restaurants in Ca Mau you should try when traveling in here. 
How To Get From Ho Chi Minh To Ca Mau?

Ca Mau is over 300 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City and 170 kilometers away from Can Tho. It is the province that is located the farthest south in Vietnam and is surrounded by the East Sea. With its varied environments, which include salt marshes and cajuput woods, Ca Mau has a tremendous amount of potential for ecological tourism. 

The cajuput forest, in particular, is of great importance in terms of both economic and biological value, and it also helps to preserve the environment. From Ho Chi Minh to Ca Mau, you can travel by plane, bus, motorbike, and private car. Depending on transportation, you will take 6 to 11 hours to transfer to Ca Mau from Saigon. 

Best Time To Visit Ca Mau, Vietnam
It is also necessary for you to be aware of the weather information regarding Ca Mau to enjoy a vacation to Ca Mau that is both entertaining and comprehensive. So, When is the best time to visit Ca Mau? Let's find the answer by reading the article that is following, and then set a date for our next vacation! Protection Status