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Friday, 28/08/2020

Vinh Hy Bay Travel Experience | Vietnam Trust Car Rental offers a private Ho Chi Minh car rental with driver to Vinh Hy bay for tour in 2 days.

When to travel Vinh Hy of Ninh Thuan Vietnam?

Summer is an ideal time to depart for Vietnam tour packages to Vinh Hy Bay. It is not suggested to travel from October to December, as during the time, Vinh Hy Bay is not at its best. Otherwise, weekends are good choices; yet, the traveling expenses here might be higher than on normal days. In the rest months of year, Vinh Hy Bay will be an ideal choice for any one who adore to find peace in mind and explore new experience.

How to get to Vinh Hy Ninh Thuan from Ho Chi Minh by taxi?

Vinh Hy Bay Travel Experience | Vietnam Trust Car Rental

Available means of transportation to Ninh Thuan are private car rental with driver Ho Chi Minh to Vinh Hy for 5hours in 230 km away from Saigon, you also may take the public of  coach, train, and taxi but no air service. It is easy to book train tickets at any station having Thong Nhat Train (North-East Train) to Thap Cham Station in Ninh Thuan. From the station, taxis are always ready to enter Phan Rang City center.

Vinh Hy bay travel experience with Vietnam Trust Car Rental as private car and driver is suggested for those who are enjoy Ho Chi Minh City tours and want to do a private Muine sand dunes tour from Ho Chi Minh. In Ho Chi Minh City, all you need is taking time to reach East Station, buying ticket (170,000vnd), and then arriving Phan Rang Station. Ninh Thuan is a south central coast province, it is near Nha Trang City which has one of the most important airports in Vietnam.

How to get to Vinh Hy Bay

There are three ways to reach Vinh Hy Bay about 42km from Phan Rang town, 42 km from Cam Ranh airport of Nha Trang and 90 km away from Nha Trang central by taxi transfers.

You can hire a motor-taxi with two helmets, price between 130,000 VND - 150,000 VND per day, extra fee will be added if renting overnight. From Phan Rang City, passing Tri Thuy Bridge and then No. 702 provincial road to the northeast of Ninh Thuan will lead to Vinh Hy Bay.

One side of the road is an amazing scenery of coastal line, while another is portrayed by a serene landscapes. Vinh Hy Bay appears beautifully with turquoise waters, and it is spotted by colorful boats of local fishermen. Another path leading to Vinh Hy Bay is from My Thanh Bridge (Cam Ranh City - Nha Trang). Travelers drive along Nuoc Ngot Road. By this way, there are no meadows on one side of the route; in stead, it is various-shaped mountains and aspen tree on large sandy fields.

If traveling by bus, remember there is one trip running every 30 minutes. Apart from more economical than traveling by motorbikes, traveling by bus makes those who are not familiar with driving for long journey less nervous. If not departing from Phan Rang bus station, travelers can take buses at stops along the road to Vinh Hy. It takes about 1 hours and 15 minutes to approach Vinh Hy Bay. If traveling by taxi, there are some reputable taxi brands in Phan Rang such as Vietnam budget car rental and Mai Linh.

Where to stay in Vinh Hy Bay

In Vinh Hy Bay, there are many cheap hotels, just rating from 240,00-350,000 VND per double room. Travelers as backpackers can bring rents along to make camps at smooth sandy beaches and stay overnight.

What to do in Vinh Hy Bay?

There are many various things to do in Vinh Hy Bay such as renting boat to see coral reef and diving. At the wharf, there are two choices. If you are traveling in a group of 2-4 people, it is necessary to combine with other group to full a boat. Each people pay 100,000VND for the service. If you are traveling in a big group, it is suggested to hire an entire boat. The price is from 400,000 VND. The glass-bottom boats will take tourists to the wonderful natural coral reef reserve. Then, the boat leads to Ba Dien Beach or Bai Coc Beach. That will be a funny moment and experience if having time to climb high stones with different strange shapes.

Shopping in Phan Rang City

By virtue of favorable conditions of soil, one of the most valuable specialties in Phan Rang is grapeful. Grape wines, grape jelly, and raisins are the unique specialties of this land. Garlic and apples here are so tasty.

In addition, visitors can find all kinds of dried seafood and fish sauce. In particular on fresh seafood, Phan Rang seafood is famous for blue crab with very sweet and tasty meat, fresh lobster, squid, and snails...

Also, shrimp and squid in Ninh Thuan are very fresh and tasty. Souvenirs for family and friends after the trip will be unique and delicate fabrics, clothes, and bags, or delicate and tricky bracelets made of marine materials. These things are also found in Phan Rang Market.

Brocade products can be purchased at My Nghiep Brocade Weaving Village Computer Technology Articles, about 10 km from Phan Rang City. The tour to Vinh Hy Bay will be defintely a new and interesting experience in Vietnam car rental.

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