How To Travel From Hue To Danang?

Thursday, 28/12/2023

When you travel to Central Vietnam, Hue and Danang are undoubtedly the two most important tourist cities you should spend some time in. Are you curious about the most efficient means of transport between these two well-known cities? Learn how to get from Hue to Danang in the most convenient method by continuing to read this article.

How far is it from Hue to Danang?

Danang is located approximately 100 kilometers from Hue, a concise journey. It will take you approximately two and a half hours to go however, this time frame could vary depending on your vehicle. You have a wide variety of options available to you for modes of transportation, including the train, the bus, motorbike, or taxi/private car.

Traveling Golden Bridge Danang

How to get to Danang from Hue?

Hue to Danang by bus

Some people go by bus on the road from Hue to Danang. Because this is the least expensive option, it is an excellent choice for individuals on a limited budget who wish to travel throughout Vietnam. You can enjoy a comfy sleeping seat for approximately 5 - 7 $. Additionally, there are multiple departures from Hue to Danang daily, allowing you to select a time frame that is both convenient and suitable for your schedule.

My Khe Beach Danang

On the other hand, buses are often slower than trains and taxis, and the amount of time may vary depending on the traffic conditions and when passengers can get on and off the bus. Buses typically make multiple stops along the route to pick up passengers. Additionally, if you are traveling by bus, it is going to take a lot of work for you to request a random stop on the way to take photographs. This is because many other people are on the bus, and they might be in a rush.

Some bus companies that you refer:

Sinh Tourist (Sinh Cafe)

  • Hotline: 0234 3845 022
  • Price: 90.000 VND - 150.000 VND

KT Travel

  • Hotline: 0905 715 615
  • Price: 120.000 VND - 250.000 VND

HAV Limousine  

  • Hotline: 0234 6545 454
  • Price: 200.000 VND

Hue to Danang by motorbike

When traveling to Vietnam, riding a motorbike is no longer considered an unusual mode of transportation. Nowadays, a significant number of vacationers opt to rent motorcycles to give them a try. To tackle the most breathtaking passes, you can ride a motorbike over the mountain pass and make a stop at the summit to take in the spectacular view of Hai Van Quan, which is widely regarded as one of the most magnificent views in the entire world.

Visit sunworld Ba Na Hills, Danang

You can pick between renting a motorbike and exploring on your own or hiring a tour guide to assure your safety and enjoy the whole experience, including the most picturesque sections of the route. Both options are available to you. Danang is where you can return a motorbike you rented in Hue. If you are concerned that the pass will be hazardous, you can send your motorbike via the tunnel at the office of the Hai Van Pass Tunnel Management Board. You will continue your journey after passing through the tunnel because trucks and shuttles will transport you to the opposite side of the tunnel.

Hue to Danang by train

Taking the train is still another alternative for traveling from Hue to Danang, and this mode of transportation has several benefits as well! Compared to the bus, the train is not significantly more expensive; however, the transportation time is shorter, and the seats are more comfortable. In addition to that, you will get the opportunity to take in the breathtaking landscape along the way! Similar to the bus, there are a great number of train departures throughout the day, making it simple to choose a time that is suitable for your schedule.

Hue to Danang by private car

Because of its many benefits, hiring a private car is the most advantageous option to travel from Hue to Danang. This is in contrast to choosing to take a taxi. First and foremost, this will allow you to save time and flexibility when arranging your trip. Once you have reserved a private car, you will be picked up at your location whenever you want to depart. In addition, the route leading up to Hai Van Pass is absolutely breathtaking, and a private car will assist you in proactively locating several places where you may take pictures at your leisure or breathe in the fresh air on the high pass.

Group of friends taking photos at the Golden Bridge in Da Nang

Private vehicle travel is the most secure option because the drivers are all carefully picked and have prior experience traveling along the route. They are not only drivers, but in some instances, they are also guides who will show you about Hue and introduce you to some of the city's most attractive sights and monuments, such as the Cau Hai Lagoon, Canh Duong Beach, and Thien Vien Truc Lam, Bach Ma.

This service is particularly well-suited for families and couples accompanying children on vacations. Compared to other modes of transportation, personal vehicle service provides comfort and privacy that are unavailable with different types of transport.

We hope the information we have provided you regarding how to travel from Hue to Danang has been sufficient. There are numerous options available to you, and regardless of which one you select, make sure to take the time to appreciate the breathtaking natural scenery that Central Vietnam's beaches and woods have to offer along the course of your journey.




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