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Monday, 31/08/2020

The Grand Ho Tram strip is located at Phuoc Thuan  village, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam where is 110km away for 2h30 minutes in private taxi transfers from Ho Chi Minh airport.

The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino’s first luxury integrated resort is drenched in tropical sunshine and bordered by the untouched beaches fringing the East Sea. Combining elegant and gracious service with entertainment that pushes the limits, The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino is the perfect mix of exciting day life and exhilarating nightlife.

What will see and do at the grand  Ho Tram strip resort and casino from Ho Chi Minh? for my experience been to grand Ho Tram strip before so you may explore Grand Ho Tram strip 2 days from Ho Chi Minh.

What will you see and do when you travel to the Grand Ho Tram strip from Ho Chi Minh?

The Grand Ho Tram Strip Travel Experience | Trust Car Rental

Ho Tram Beach; 091 943 6065 [MAP]
Price: 100,000vnd to pitch your own tent

Tram Lake Camping.

This is a new beach camping option, half way along Ho Tram Beach, on the future site of the Saigon Container Resort (which portioned off its land years ago but has yet to do anything with it). Pitch your tent on the sand or under the casuarina trees. It’s a nice spot.


Enjoy the sounds of ocean waves and the cool breezes at our beach front cabanas. Make it complete with cold drinks and great food from our restaurant!
Talk a walk or jog on the 4 kilometer stretch of secluded beach on the peninusla!

Replenish yourself with some delicious food at our riverfront restaurant and enjoy the tranquil River Ray with a riverside table!
Break a sweat as you jog safely on our 650 meter – traffic-free road!
Lounge out at our wading pool, designed for children.


Just 10 minutes down the road is the Grand Ho Tram Casino. If you have a foreign passport and some cash to burn, this is the spot. Come back and enjoy some cold drinks, delicious eats and relax on our beautiful beach to celebrate your winnings or forget about your losses.


If you're ready to enjoy some great golf, The Bluffs Golf Course is just ten minutes away! This difficult yet beautiful course, designed by Greg Norman, is host of the prestigious Ho Tram Open, an Asian Tour sanctioned event. The Bluffs is considered one of the top 5 golf courses in all of Asia! Let us know when you want to play and we can help arrange tee times for you, and a few extra golf balls!


A short 30 minute drive from our resort is the Binh Chau Hot Spring and Mud Bath. You can soothe your muscles and relax your nerves as the high mineral content of the 37°C mud and hot springs replenishes your skin. The whole experience will also rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Let us know in advance and we can arrange transportation and book sessions for you!


Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, just 20 minutes away from the Beach House Resort Ho Tram, is one of the last 11 hectares of coastal dipterocarp forests in Vietnam, a habitat for a diversity of plants and vertebrate species with many rare species that are considered endemic of the Reserve. Walking, jogging or even cycling along the main path will give you a unique experience and a change of scenery from the beach. Let us know in advance and we can help you book and arrange transportation!


Also just 10 minutes away, you can visit the wet market where the daily catch of fresh seafood and fish are sold by local vendors and fisherman. 

Situated on a small street leading to the beach, there are various restaurants, grill booths and food stalls that you can visit for a quick bite as you explore the area.

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