Vung Tau Travel Tips

Friday, 14/06/2019


Vung Tau is the tourist and commercial center of Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu (an industrial province in Southeastern Vietnam). The whole city area lies on a peninsula in south-east of Saigon. This bustling city has ocean on three sides, salty but fresh air, sandy beach and many coastal activities to make this an ideal destination for you.


  1. Jesus Christ statue. You will take 900 steps to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise. On the way, the lovely smell of blossom porcelain and the breath-taking scenery will help you de-stress and feel relaxed. The giant Jesus statue on top of the mountain is the symbol of Vung Tau. It was built in 1971 with the height of 32 meter and the length of arm arms is 18,4 meter. This statue special is you can take the stairs inside of the body to climb up to Jesus’ arms where you can breathe the fresh air of the ocean and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the beach city.
  2. The Lighthouse. This lighthouse is said to be one of the most ancient lighthouses in Vietnam. The French built the lighthouse in 1862 on the highest peak of Nui Nho Mountain and rebuilt in 1913 with the purpose of showing the way for the boats at night.
  3. Whale Temple. The temple displays the bones which came to symbolize the protector deity of the coast. Famous with a bone of whale have been keep more than 100 years.
  4. White Palace (Bach Dinh) of Vung Tau City. White Palace has its French name which is La Villa Blanche. Tracing back to the year of 1898, it was considered as a summer holiday villa of French Governor General Paul Doumer. This palace was named after his lovely daughter. Unfortunately, while the structure was being built, Doumer had to come back to France and became the President of France later.
  5. Ho May Park is completely gathered with the factors creating a dreamlike landscape just like an Elysium, making the tourists everywhere become charmed and amazed. With the area of 50ha, at the height of over 250m compared with the sea water level.


  1. Enjoying free time at Thuy Van beach (Back beach).This is the most beautiful beach in the city.
  2. Nghinh Phong cape. It is literally translated as Cape of Welcoming Breeze. The Cape is the cliff of Vung Tau city and has unobstructed views of Vung Tau City as well as the East Sea.


  1. Rent a private car with English speaking driver will be more comfortable and relaxing. And make sure you would not miss the important destination in city.
  2. Taxis. Taxis start at average at 12,000 VND for the first kilometer and 17,000 VND per kilometer thereafter. Do not take unmetered taxis!
  3. Rent a motorbike. This is will be easy for you go around the city. However, make sure you can ride it well. You can rent them at hotels or motorbike shops with cost under 200.000 VND per day.


  1. Ganh Hao restaurant. The restaurant serving delicious food, prices here are a little above the norm. However, Ganh Hao offers a fantastic experience to match, with one of the most beautiful seaside views in Vung Tau. Location: 5 Tran Phu Street, ward 5, Vung Tau City.
  1. Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua restaurant. Bánh khọt (small pancake) is another one of Vung Tau’s specialties. Bánh khọt is a local favorite that’s become increasingly popular with foreigners, drawn inside by the sounds of sizzling pancake batter and the delicious smells. Location: 14 Nguyen Truong To Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City.
  1. Lau Ca Duoi Hoang Minh Restaurant (stingray hot pot).The hot pot comes with many different ingredients in addition to stingray – pickled bamboo, chili, vermicelli, rice crackers and a side plate of herbs... Location: 44 Truong Cong Dinh Street, Ward 3, Vung Tau City.
  2. Xom Luoi Market. If you want to eat seafood at a cheaper price than in the restaurant, don’t hesitate to go to Xom Luoi market, the paradise of seafood lovers. As the locals and tourists from nearby cities usually go here to buy fresh fishes, shrimps, squids, octopus and many different types of snail. you can bring the raw food to the cooking stalls within the market and ask them to grill, boil or fry it for you. Location: Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau City.
  1. Vung Tau Night Market. Night markets mainly sell processed seafood for tourists to eat or bring home. The menu of each shop is rich and varied. Night market attracts visitors not only by the freshness of seafood but also because of the cooking skills of the shops’ owners. Also, if you want to choose seafood by yourself and your own way of processing, you can visit the restaurant with fresh seafood and enjoy them on the spot. Location: Thuy Van Street (behind the 5 star Imperial hotel Vung Tau City).


Vung Tau's located in the tropical climate zone so you can visit any time of the year. On holiday and weekends the service price will be higher.


Vung Tau City is not really busy city and it’s a safe place to backpack and travel – even if you’re traveling solo or even as a solo female traveler. Violent crime against travelers is very rare, but petty crime and theft is not. In crowded places, you’ll want to keep your purse/wallet close and be mindful of the activity around you. Don’t keep your cell phone or money in your hand as you’re walking around.

Traffic can be hard to navigate in City. Motorbikes are everywhere, and as a pedestrian, crossing the street can be scary. Wait for a break in the traffic before crossing the road and then slowly go to the other side.

Most people are very honest! Be on alert for scams. Just keep an eye out.


Vung Tau offers a good range of accommodation, mostly located at Thuy Van Street. There are a lot of luxury 5-star hotels, the hotels and hostels in Vung Tau are spacious and can offer a great stay.


  1. Ask your hotel staff – Before you leave the hotel, ask them to estimate how much what you want to do should cost. How much a ride to tourist places should cost? How much should I pay to have a t-shirt like this made? How much for noodles soup… They will be able to give you bargaining guidelines.
  2. Eat street food – Street food in Vung Tau is inexpensive and delicious.
  3. Stay in city – Hotels near the beach will be more expensive than those a bit further away. Stay further away from the tourist hub to save you some money.



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