Things to do in Hue, Vietnam

Friday, 26/01/2024

Hue was the old capital of Vietnam. It is famous for its imperial palaces, which are located on the fragrant banks of the Song Huong River, also known as the Perfume River. There are a lot more things to do in Hue than meets the eye, even though most travelers just spend a day exploring the Hue Citadel (Dai Noi), which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will be rewarded with more remote mausoleums, outstanding street cuisine, an abandoned water park, and the hidden treasure that is Bach Ma National Park, which is home to waterfalls, crumbling villas, and a plethora of animals. If you stay for a longer period of time, you will be rewarded with these activities.

Explore Hue Imperial City

It is recommended that you travel to Hue Imperial City to delve more into the extensive history of Vietnam. This location is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due of its architectural splendor and historical value. Stepping through the grand Meridian Gate, you will be transported back to the era of the Nguyen Dynasty, where spacious gardens, elegant palaces, and historical artifacts tell stories and weave together the cultural tapestry of Vietnam's imperial history.

Visit Hue Imperial City

When they arrive, it is strongly suggested that tourists purchase a "package tour ticket" valid for two days. This combined ticket grants access to all parts of the Imperial Citadel, including the Imperial City and several of the Royal Tombs in the vicinity of Hue.

Visit Thien Mu Pagoda

One of the things to do in Hue is to visit Thien Mu Pagoda. The Thien Mu Pagoda is widely considered to be among the most well-known pagodas in Vietnam. In 1844, the tower that stands at a height of 21 meters was constructed. It is situated on a hill on the bank of the Perfume River, making it a spectacular location. A pagoda is a structure that has seven levels and eight sides. At times, the pagoda is so crowded that it is difficult to determine whether the noise comes from the tourists or the cicadas.   

Explore Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue

Discover Minh Mang Tomb

Because it is such a massive structure, this tomb deserves some of your time to investigate it. Even though Emperor Minh Mang did not survive to see the completion of his tomb, which is said to have more than forty structures, he would have been pleased of it. 

Discover Minh Mang Tomb

A visit to this tomb is a considerably more tranquil experience than going to any of the other major tombs because the surroundings are so beautiful. In addition to the Royal Tombs and Citadel, Hue is home to several well-known pagodas, which are part of the city's extensive collection of royal buildings.

Boat tour on Perfume River 

If you are seeking for an activity that will allow you to relax while taking in the beautiful scenery of Hue, then a boat trip on the Perfume River is an absolute necessity. The name of this river comes from the fragrant flowers that fall into the water during the autumn season, releasing a lovely perfume that spreads throughout the river. 

The beauty of Perfume River at night

As you make your way along the tranquil waters of the Perfume River, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the centuries-old structures that line its banks and the verdant hills that surround them. You will also have the chance to learn about the rich history of Hue as you travel through the city on the boat journey. You will see notable landmarks along the way include the Trang Tien Bridge, the Thien Mu Pagoda, and the Hue Historic Citadel.

Bach Ma National Park

Take into consideration going on a trip to Bach Ma National Park if you are seeking for a day trip in Hue that is both exciting and packed with enjoyable activities. This park, which is conveniently located in the Truong Son Mountain Range, is renowned for its magnificent natural beauty and its wide variety of animal life. 

Trekking Bach Ma National Park

As you make your way through the verdant vegetation, you will come across waterfalls cascading down, crystal clear streams, and lovely rainforests teeming with exotic flora and fauna. When you leave Bach Ma National Park, you will feel refreshed since you have had the opportunity to bask in the peace and beauty of nature.

Go shopping at Dong Ba market

The nexy list of things to do in Hue is to explore Dong Ba Market, a busy hub of activity and a treasure trove of local goods, is known for being one of the oldest and largest marketplaces in Hue. While you are making your way through its colorful stalls and winding lanes, you will be met with a kaleidoscope of colors, tantalizing fragrances, and the lively banter of vendors. Additionally, the market will provide an honest look into the daily lives of the people who live there.

Take photos at Incense Village

If you are in Hue and are looking for a lovely location to take photographs that will captivate you, you should visit the Incense Village. You will be able to take pictures that are just breathtaking because to the brilliant colors of the handmade incense sticks that are used here. Whether you are interested in getting close-ups of elaborate designs or panoramic views of the village's rustic charm, the Incense Village provides you with countless opportunities to demonstrate your photographic abilities.

Snap photos at Incense Village

Cycling in the Hue city

Arguably, Hue is the greatest city in Vietnam for cycling because it has far less traffic than other large cities. To reach the Citadel, many tourists opt to ride bicycles along the banks of the Huong River. There are also a handful of temples that are located a little further out from the core of the city. You can rent a bicycle in the central business district for a reasonable price, and several lodgings provide complimentary bicycles for their guests.

You also have the option of cycling out of the city and exploring the peaceful countryside if you are a cyclist who considers yourself to be an enthusiast. Another option is to go on a bike excursion through the countryside of Hue, during which a guide will show you the way. Because you travel through locations many other tourists do not frequent, it is a very relaxing and genuine experience. Cycling in the city is one of the best things to do in Hue that you should experience. 

Relax on the beach

A great refuge may be found on the stunning beaches of Hue, which are ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful respite and the comforting embrace of the water. Lang Co Beach, which is well-known for its pristine white sand beach and clear blue ocean, is one of the most popular options. If you want to escape the rush and bustle of everyday life, you can take a leisurely stroll or a splash in this refreshing pool.

Visit the Royal Antiquities Museum in Hue

The Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities, located within the Imperial City complex, boasts an outstanding assortment of antiquities and relics. As you meander around its sumptuous hallways, you'll come across ceramics, royal seals, and exquisitely embroidered royal clothes, among other artifacts that formerly graced the imperial palace. For a more fulfilling experience, take your time to appreciate the superb workmanship on exhibit.

Explore Royal Antiquities Museum, Hue

Explore the deserted water park

The eerie and picturesque Hue Abandoned Water Park is located on the enigmatic and alluring Thuy Tien Lake, tucked away in Hue's verdant environment. Despite its heyday as a thriving attraction, this deserted amusement park is a haunting reminder of how quickly time can fly. 

Explore the deserted water park

Desolate water slides, dilapidated structures, and vacant pools create an atmosphere of mystery and melancholy at the park. City slickers and daredevils will love this off-the-beaten-path attraction for all the wrong reasons.

Any tourist visiting Hue will be enchanted by the city's abundance of magical activities. There is a plenty of things to do in Hue, from discovering historical wonders to tasting delicious local food and going on spiritual adventures. Devote yourself to Hue's allure and set out on an expedition that will bring you cherished memories and a profound respect for Vietnam's cultural legacy.





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