Things to do in Sapa, Vietnam

Wednesday, 29/05/2024

Sapa is a little town close to the Chinese border, situated 350 km north of Hanoi. Sapa town is well-known for its breathtaking panoramas and many tour attractions.

If you are traveling to Sapa and do not know what to do in Sapa, this guide will introduce the Top things to do in Sapa that you should try. 

Explore Mount Fansipan

If you are passionate about experiencing new and exciting things enthusiasts, conquering Fansipan ought to be at the top of your list of things to do in Sapa

This mountain, considered the highest peak in Vietnam, is situated over the Hoang Lien range, providing possibilities to explore and take pleasure in a variety of breathtaking landscapes. 

Fansipan-the-roof-of-IndochinaFansipan - the roof of Indochina

A cable car to Mount Fansipan is the most convenient route to reach the summit, particularly for those looking for a more straightforward hike. In addition to providing you with breathtaking views of Sapa's valleys, rice terraces, and rough mountains, the cable ride will also excite your traveling experience.

Enjoy coffee in the clouds

Having a drink at a cafe in the clouds, where you can take in the lush, magnificent vistas and have a native drink, is easily one of the most memorable experiences that can be had during a vacation to Sapa. 

A significant number of these cafes are located on the streets of Fansipan and Cau May.

If you were to identify an exceptional coffee establishment, it would be Cafe in the Clouds. 

Enjoy-coffee-and-watch-cloudsEnjoy coffee and watch clouds

Here, you may spend some time taking in the gloomy scenery and appreciating the views of the verdant valley below. 

Besides, the café provides a diverse selection of beverages in addition to a variety of dishes from across the world. One could have a wonderful opportunity to try this out in Sapa.

Love Waterfall

One of the most well-known places of Sapa is the Love of Waterfall, which stands at an elevation of around 200 meters. This site can be reached by bus or motorcycle, as it is situated at the base of the O Quy Ho pass. 

When you are standing at the base of the waterfall, you will be able to observe the glistening water as it flows down. When viewed from a distance, you can feel the breathtaking alpine landscape, which gives off an air of untamed and mysteriousness. 

Love-WaterfallVisit Love Waterfall

You can visit the Sky Gate, you will have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking natural environment, as well as the picturesque mountains and woods of the Northwestern region. It is possible to see the Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac) from this vantage point, the long road connecting the provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai, and the vast valleys covered with green terraced crops. 

Visit Cat Cat Village,  Ta Van Village, Ta Phin Village

When visiting Sapa, it is essential to make time to visit the local village.

All tourists come to see these villages to watch the breathtaking Cat Cat Village, Ta Phin Village, and Lao Chai Village are the ones that receive the most tourists. 

Visit-Cat-Cat-Village-SapaVisit Cat Cat Village, Sapa

An opportunity to thoroughly immerse oneself in the distinctive customs of many Vietnamese ethnic minority groups may be found in these settlements, which are nestled in the gorgeous landscape of Sapa's rocky mountains. 

Go trekking

For more than 30 years, trekkers have been drawn to Sapa due to the region's breathtaking scenery. 

When you are in this mountainous region, you really must go trekking in Sapa since it is a wonderland that has not yet been explored and is perfect for daring adventurers.

Go-trekkingThe girl stopped to rest, eat and drink after the trekking trip

You journey through the lush paddy field and the world of minority communities that are located around the town, you will have an experience that is certainly tough but also incredible. 

If you want to save both time and effort, we strongly suggest that you hire a local guide. In addition, they are familiar with the climate, the topography, and the tourist spots, which enables them to assist you in having a journey that is both safer and more fun. 

Sapa Museum

The Sapa Museum is one of the things to do in Sapa if you want to learn about Sapa, particularly its people, cultural history, and historical traditions of the local ethnicities.

The Hmong, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho, Ha Nhi, and Red Dao are only some of the ethnic groups that are represented in this museum, which has approximately 200 relics, models, and a large number of books and movies. 

Sapa-MuseumSapa Museum

It is possible to acquire knowledge of the history of Sapa town, as well as the religious practices, cultural traditions, and distinctive garments of each ethnic group.

Visit Bac Ha market - Love market

The Bac Ha Sunday Market is open every Sunday from morning to 2:00 pm. It is located close to the steep highlands and the border with China. 

 Villagers from the neighboring hill tribes flock to the market on weekends to buy and sell food, clothing, and household items.

At Bac Ha Market, in addition to being a place where people may purchase and sell items, it also serves as a gathering place for the exchange of cultural and emotional ideas.

Bac-Ha-marketBac Ha market, Sapa

If you are fortunate enough to be able to attend the upland fair, you will be able to observe lines of people and horses making their way to the market through different mountain routes and paths.

 When people visit Bac Ha, they typically engage in activities such as sitting in groups, eating a hot soup pan known as a Thang Co, and conversing with one another throughout their stay. 

Visit Stone Church

The only structure in Sapa that still maintains the soul and beauty of Catholic architecture is the Sapa Church, which was designed in the French architectural style.

Exploring the one-of-a-kind architecture of Sapa Stone Church and attending local religious ceremonies are just two of the many cultural activities that may be enjoyed during a visit to the church. 

Visit-Stone-Church-at-nightVisit Stone Church at night

Additionally, it offers fantastic chances for photography and a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis thanks to its scenic setting in stunning surroundings.

Enjoy Sapa Food

There is no such thing as a journey that is total without at least trying some of the greatest local cuisine. 

The Sapa food court is an excellent location to enjoy the widest range of culinary experiences because it is nothing short of a gastronomic paradise, offering a wide variety of foods and flavors. 

The area is highly lively and features a large number of food vendors that provide wonderful food at affordable prices. 

All of these things, including eggs, grilled sweet potatoes, and grilled meat, will undoubtedly satisfy your hunger before you go before you leave. 

If you want to have a more enjoyable time while dining in Sapa, it is recommended that you go with your friends.

Muong Hoa Valley

One of the best things to do in Sapa is to explore the Muong Hoa Valley. This place is 14 kilometers away from the town, it is situated between two mountain ranges that are quite high.

Taking the road from the town to Muong Hoa will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. 

Muong-Hoa-ValleyMuong Hoa Valley on a foggy day.

You can travel across the tallest mountain range to dozens of streams that are located downwards, traverse small villages and rice fields that are inhabited by people of ethnic minority groups, and observe how people engage in farming activities. 

Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for you to take photographs of breathtaking views.

Glass bridge in Sapa

Taking a stroll along the Glass Bridge in Sapa is one of the things to do in Sapa, Vietnam. 

French authorities during the colonial era of France had this street constructed in 1905 as a getaway.

The area is home to contemporary homes, cafes, and spas, among other amenities. It is also the main street in Sapa, and it is teeming with a variety of hotels, ranging from high-end to budget-friendly options, as well as a large number of tempting local specialties. 

Glass-bridge-in-SapaGlass bridge in Sapa

Those who are interested in experiencing the lively side of Sapa, as well as the peaceful beauty of its villages, should make it a point to visit this particular area.

Shopping for handicrafts

You may find a variety of local marketplaces in Sapa and the districts surrounding it, where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts made by local artisans. 

In this area, you will find a large number of tiny stores that sell handcrafted things such as leather purses, musical instruments, and other locally developed objects, showing the distinctive skills of the locals.

You should go to the truly local markets that are located in the smaller villages if you want to have a shopping experience that is both genuine and engaging. 

When you go there, you will be able to locate the most genuine and stunning things at affordable costs. In addition to this, you will have the chance to interact with the artists who are responsible for the masterpieces and to show your appreciation for their craftsmanship.

When traveling in Sapa, you should rent a private car in Sapa to visit other amazing destinations in here. These places offer many experiences and culture of Vietnam. 

Above is things to do in Sapa. Discovering magnificent scenery,  enjoying unusual cuisine, and seeing one-of-a-kind ethnic villages are just few of the remarkable experiences that Sapa has to offer. When planning your trip, you should make sure not to miss out on any of these opportunities. 




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