Tops 5 Amazing Beachs At Hue Vietnam

Tuesday, 01/09/2020

Hue city is not only famous for wonderful historical sites and amazing cuisine, but also for its beautiful and attractive long beaches. The sandy beaches with cool gentle streams and magnificent cascades are available to giving travelers the fresh feelings in Hue on hot days. Here are the top 5 charming beaches that you should visit in Hue ancient city by car rental Hue Vietnam.

Here are top 5 amazings beachs at Hue Vietnam below:

1.Lang Co Beach

Located about 20km from Hue city and more than 7km from Da Nang city, Lang Co Beach is well known as one of the Vietnam’s attractive beaches with the palm-shaded white sand and a striking lagoon with more than 10km coastline with the turquoise water.

Tops 5 Amazing Beachs At Hue Vietnam

In summer, the weather in here is very cool and comfortable. Apart from relaxing or walking at the beach, you can take part in other water activities, such as swimming, fishing, diving, snorkeling and also enjoy some cheap local seafood dishes.

2.Thuan An Beach

Thuan An beach is far about 70 kilometers from Lang Co Beach and around 30 mins from Hue center by motorbike. It has 12 km beach long with gentle waves lapping will bring you fresh, relax and peaceful feelings. Coming to Thuan An, you stroll along the beach, or enjoy the taste of fresh seafood.

Tops 5 Amazing Beachs At Hue Vietnam

3.Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach, located about 20km away from Hue city, is considered as the beach with most beautiful scenery of Hue city. With the length of 8 km, 200m wide, bended in arc shape, all those create a very beautiful and attractive landscape. Visiting Canh Duong Beach to enjoy its beauty, cool fresh air and forget about the busy working of everyday life. Besides, you will also be tempted by the diversity fresh seafood dishes with very affordable prices.

4.Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh is not located near city center, but about 30km to the South East of Hue city. Like other beaches in Central Vietnam, Vinh Thanh beach has blue sky, white seashore, blue sea, romantic sunset and peaceful atmosphere. Tops 5 Amazing Beachs At Hue VietnamComing to this beach, you can easily find fishing boats, kind and hospitable locals. You will have a chance to choose fresh seafood on fishermen’s boats and enjoy dishes cooked by restaurants or locals.

5.Ham Rong Beach

Located in Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district, Ham Rong beach has a great position with the poetic landscape and some green forests. There are 3 beaches here, including Ham Rong, Dong Duong and Bai Dam. Besides, the water of Ham Rong Beach is always turquoise and spotted by a stone field of all sizes, which creates a beautiful natural scenery. You can freely immerse in the cool water, relax, and release all stress.

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