What Is The Best Sim Card For Tourists In Vietnam?

Tuesday, 21/07/2020

The best way to discover around Vietnam so easily and budget, super fast to book as car rental, food must be includes a Vietnam sim card so what is the best sim card for tourist in Vietnam?

As a title of the content for the best sim card for all tourists in Vietnam includes 4 companies networkds sim card providers as Viettel, Mobifone, Vina phone and Vietnamobile.

What Is The Best Sim Card For Tourists In Vietnam?

For me, I would like to recommend the Viettel sim card as the largest network and most customers, closely followed by Vinaphone.

Avoid Mobifone if you’re heading too far off the beaten track, and there’s really no reason to go with Vietnamobile. It’s the cheapest of the lot, but has very poor data service outside the largest cities.

As Viettel sim card networks provider with the best coverage, good data speeds, and similar prices to the competition.

Where to buy a sim card in Vietnam in 2020
All I can say is get this done as soon as you land. On the airport there are endless opportunities to buy sim cards and in the city there are even more shops that sell them. Finding a Vietnam data sim is really easy, finding the best one is a challenge.

Buying a sim card in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020
Of course I also tried to look for you in the city center. Finding a place in Ho Chi Minh City that sells prepaid sim cards is as easy as buying bananas. You will see the 4G signs everywhere! Buying a Vietnam sim card in an official mobile internet provider shop is already a mess, then you can imagine what it is like in any kind of tour agency/information shop.

My advice: don’t even be bothered! Buy your Vietnam sim card at the airport when you arrive.

What Is The Best Sim Card For Tourists In Vietnam?

Normally I never advice travelers to buy a sim card at the airport as the data packages are are always more expensive then in the city.
There are many opportunities for getting your Vietnamese sim card upon arrival There is already a kiosk before you even go through customs. After customs there are about 6 different shops all selling the same packages for different prices and as soon as you step outside there are again about 5 different kiosks where you can buy sim cards for tourists.

I told you it was mission impossible to find the best prepaid cim card in Vietnam.
Prices Vietnam tourist sim cards in 2020
As I just mentioned there are way too many shops and normally I check them all and list the best data packages available. I admit this time I went to many different ones, but definitely not all. They are more or less the same anyway.

Arrival terminal before customs
You can’t miss the kiosk next to the money exchange and close to the visa on arrival.
Mobifone tourist sim card - VND 200,000 = $9

Unlimited 4G internet
No calling, no texting
14 days valid
Hotspot: YES
Mobifone tourist sim card - VND 220,000 = $10

Unlimited 4G data
100 minutes calling, no texting
30 days valid
Hotspot: YES

As soon as you walk down the stairs you will walk up to seemingly endless tourist information shops all selling Vietnam sim card packages for tourists. On your left you have the Vinaphone, Viettel and Mobifone shops all next to each other. Or at least that is what they claim to be! :)
Viettel sim card Saigon Airport 
The following sheet tells you all the available packages as of January 2020.
All the above data packages for Viettel are valid for 30 days and you can use a hotspot.

Mobifone sim card Ho Chi Minh City Airport
The following sheet shows you the available Mobifone sim cards in the shop after customs.
As you can see the prices and packages here are already different than the first kiosk before customs. In fact they are actually more expensive!

To make sure I had seen a couple more packages I also went to some kind of unofficial tourist information shop. With some clear signs of what they were selling.

Vinaphone - VND 160.000 = $7

What Is The Best Sim Card For Tourists In Vietnam?

Unlimited 3G internet
4GB daily 4G internet
30 days valid
Viettel - VND 180,000 = $8

Unlimited 3G internet
3,5GB daily 4G internet
30 days valid
Network coverage mobile internet providers Vietnam
Let’s have a look at the 4G network coverage for all the mobile internet providers.

4G Network coverage Mobifone sim card
Best Vietnam sim card for tourists in 2020
My conclusion is probably already clear for you. Buying a sim card for tourists in Vietnam is simply a mess. Every shops sells you something different for a different price. When we compare the prices and volumes of the packages they are kind a like the same.

The best prepaid sim card in Vietnam is Viettel and that is because they by far have the best network. For $13 you get 60 minutes calling time and 2 GB data per day for 30 days. A great deal to keep you connected on your Vietnam trip.
Topping up the sim card charge.

It’s very easy to top up your credit. You can buy vouchers pretty much anywhere you’re ever likely to go as a tourist, and the vendor will probably offer to sort the process out for you even if they speak very little English.

If not, you just type *100*# to add the credit, then send an SMS to 9123 to enable the package you want to use. As an example, texting MIMAX70 would activate the same 3GB pack I used.

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