How To Travel From Ha Giang To Hanoi?

Thursday, 02/11/2023

The bus, the motorbike, and the private car are the three transportation options that we have discovered from Ha Giang to Hanoi. You may find the suggested itineraries, along with details on the amount of time they take and the cost of the tickets, in this essay. 

How far is it from Ha Giang to Hanoi?

The distance from Ha Giang to Hanoi is about 240 kilometers. Tourists have the option of using a bus or a private automobile to get from one of these cities to the other.  The duration of a trip on a sleeper bus is typically between six and seven hours, although this might vary depending on the type of vehicle and the state of the route. 

The price of a bus ticket from Ha Giang to Hanoi typically ranges from 250,000 to 350,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) for each individual passenger, one way. The sleeper bus with 45 seats and the sleeper bus with 40 seats are the two most prevalent types of buses that travel from Ha Giang to Hanoi. 

Despite the longer travel time, seat buses typically have more affordable fares than their overnight counterparts, the sleeper buses. Although they cost more money, sleeper buses are more convenient, and comfortable, and even have more perks.

From Ha Giang to Hanoi, you also have the option of using a private automobile, which will allow you to travel in a bit more comfort. The vast majority of businesses provide complimentary hotel pick-up and drop-off services; this alleviates the stress associated with having to locate your departure and arrival places.

The-main-gate-of-thang-long-imperial-citadel-in-hanoi-vietnamThe main gate of thang long imperial citadel in Hanoi, Vietnam

Ha Giang to Hanoi by private car

While Hanoi, which is located in the region of the Red River Delta, is the capital of the entire country, Ha Giang, which is located in the highland region of Northwestern Vietnam, is one of the top and most popular tourist sites in that part of the country. The distance between Hanoi and Ha Giang is approximately 281 kilometers, as indicated by Google Maps. It would take you a little over six hours to go between these two destinations using different modes of transportation such as a motorcycle, bus, or a private automobile.

When you use our private vehicle rental service to travel from Ha Giang to Hanoi, you have the option of selecting transportation in either a one-way or round-trip configuration, depending on the requirements of your itinerary. If you would like to be picked up from the lobby of your hotel, the airport, or any other site of your choosing, you can count on our team of experienced drivers to do so punctually and at the specified location and time.

If you take a private automobile from Ha Giang to Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to stop along the road for rest and relaxation as well as for sightseeing. During your trip, we will give you with the utmost flexibility and convenience, and if you want to schedule any special stops, you can get in touch with Vietnam Trust Car Rental in advance via WhatsApp at +84.934.189.30.

Ha Giang to Hanoi by bus

It takes approximately 6 to 7 hours to go to Hanoi via bus. Please be aware that the travel time could potentially be somewhat extended due to the time spent in traffic. There may be opportunities to use the restroom and get a snack along the journey.

You can leave from the bus company's headquarters in Ha Giang, or they will pick you up from your hotel in Ha Giang if you book with them. Depending on the company, passengers will be dropped off either at the My Dinh station or at a designated place.

Traveling-from-Ha-Giang-to-Hanoi-by-busTraveling from Ha Giang to Hanoi by bus

There are also a number of other kinds of buses available, and tickets start at 268,000 VND, which is equivalent to $10.50 USD. The following is a rundown of the many types of buses that travel between Ha Giang and Hanoi:

Type bus

Sleeping Bus

VIP Cabin Bus

Limosine Bus

Luxury Bus


sleeper bunks, blankets, food & drinks

sleeper bunks, blankets, food & drinks, cabin-type bunks 

Airconditioned buses with reclining seats

Plenty of space and comfortable recliner seats, charging electronic devices, food, and beverages.


270.000 VND

380.000 VND

350.000 VND

410.000 VND

The following is a list of the day and night buses traveling from Ha Giang to Hanoi that have received the highest reviews on various social networking sites. With any luck, you'll be able to use this important information to make the most informed decision possible regarding your trip.

Quang Nghi bus

  • Pricing of ticket: 250,000 VND - 300,000 VND
  • Tel:  0964 202 094

Manh Quan

  • Pricing of ticket: 300,000 VND - 550,000 VND
  • Tel: 0325 227 588 - 0965 282 588

Hai Phu Limousine

  • Pricing of ticket: 300,000 VND - 550,000 VND
  • Tel: 0325 227 588 -  0965 282 588

Ha Giang Limousine

  • Pricing of ticket: 300,000 VND - 350.000 VND
  • Tel: 0888 000 896 -  0913 096 281

Ha Giang to Hanoi by motorbike

You also have the option of taking your own motorcycle from Ha Giang to Hanoi; however, this mode of transportation is recommended only for those who have prior experience on the road.

You are required to have your IDP, which stands for International Driving Permit. This document is compulsory in Vietnam. The trip from Ha Giang to Hanoi on motorbike takes approximately 8-10 hours (depending on your driving ability).

Transfer-from-Ha-Giang-to-Hanoi-by-motorbikeTransfer from Ha Giang to Hanoi by motorbike

​​​​​​There are two recommended routes that you might take, and both of them will take you through a number of beautiful locations.

  • Route 1:  Ha Giang → Tuyen Quang  →  Phu Tho → Viet Tri  → Vinh Phuc  → Hanoi.
  • Route 2:  Ha Giang  → Tuyen Quang  → Doan Hung → Phu Tho → Phong Chau Bridge  → Co Tiet  → Trung Ha Bridge → Son Tay  → Hanoi.

There are a number of spots in the magnificent city of Hanoi that are absolute necessities and should not be skipped over when seeing the city. From the enchanting Hanoi Old Quarter to the stately Hanoi Opera House, from the peaceful Hoan Kiem Lake to the historic Temple of Literature, from the renowned Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to the grand Presidential Palace to the lovely One Pillar Pagoda, and so on and so forth. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Hanoi.  Due to the fact that so many of Hanoi's most well-known tourist spots teach visitors all about the city's rich history and diverse culture, visitors will find that Hanoi is a truly wonderful destination.

Your journey will not only present you with amazing views of the stunning Vietnamese countryside, but it will also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the charm of these two wonderful cities if you transfer from Ha Giang to Hanoi by private vehicle, bus, or motorbike. Make your reservation for your trip to Vietnam as soon as possible to fully appreciate its natural splendor.





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