Top 15+ Best Things To Do In Ha Giang, Vietnam 

Wednesday, 01/11/2023

The province of Ha Giang is home to some of the most magnificent scenery and ethnically varied cultures in the country. Here, you'll learn about the best things to do in Ha Giang so that you can make the most of your time there. Ha Giang, Vietnam, is a place unlike any other in Vietnam, with strenuous treks and bustling markets.

Get to the flag tower at Lung Cu

In Ha Giang, which is the most northern province in Vietnam, the Lung Cu flag tower is an attraction that travelers just cannot miss.

The tower can only be reached by ascending a difficult slope, but once you get there, you will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area.

The flag tower is a magnificent structure that makes for an excellent backdrop in photographs. Additionally, the region is home to populations comprised of members of racial or ethnic minorities, which presents an opportunity to gain exposure to the customs and practices of those groups. 

Lung-Cu-Flag-TowerLung Cu Flag Tower

Take the pass of Ma Pi Leng.

One of the most exciting things that can be done in Ha Giang is to climb to the top of the Ma Pi Leng pass. The pass features some of the most magnificent and difficult roads in Vietnam, with steep inclines and hairpin twists that offer stunning vistas of the surrounding environment. When you finally arrive at your goal, you are rewarded with a sense of fulfillment that lasts for a very long time. 


Ma Pi Leng Pass in Ha Giang

Exploring the Ancient Town of Dong Van

The ancient town of Dong Van is famous for the way it has retained its traditional architecture, and it is an enjoyable place to get lost in the maze of its winding lanes and streets.

The elaborate carvings and decorations, some of which date back hundreds of years are features of the buildings.

The Dong Van market is a hive of activity and a fantastic location to gain exposure to the culture of the area. This market takes place every Sunday.

Visit the Hoang Su Phi rice paddies.

Visitors to Ha Giang simply must stop by the Hoang Su Phi rice terrace. The terraced fields are a wonder of farming and engineering, with dazzling colors. Taking a stroll across the fields is tranquil and relaxing, and it also provides some fantastic photo ops.

Experience wonder at the Heaven Gate of Quan Ba.

This breathtaking vantage point provides breathtaking sweeping views of the mountains and valleys that are located in the surrounding area, and it is an excellent location from which to take in the natural beauty of the area.

The Quan Ba Heaven Gate is perched atop a hill, and the only way to get there is by ascending a set of stairs that are both steep and winding. The view from the top, however, is so stunning that the ascent was absolutely worth it.

You will be awestruck by the verdant valleys and craggy peaks of the surrounding mountains, which are visible for kilometers in any direction you look.

Take pictures of the scenery from the Tham Ma pass.

Tham Ma Pass was yet another location that you simply had to check out during my time in Ha Giang. As you make your way up to the pass, you will be rewarded with stunning panoramas of the mountains and valleys that surround you, and there will be numerous opportunities for you to pull over and take pictures along the way.

If you have the good fortune to be at Tham Ma Pass during the golden hour, you will be treated to vistas that are even more enchanted. The landscape is bathed in a stunning light produced by the warm glow of the setting sun, producing an experience that is really one of a kind and unforgettable.

Tham-Ma-Pass-in-Ha-GiangTham Ma Pass in Ha Giang

Go to Pao's House

In Ha Giang, you may visit Pao's House, a museum that was once a traditional Hmong home. The interior of the home features a variety of traditional Hmong handicrafts and textiles. The museum features an extensive collection of objects that are significant to Hmong culture. 

Take a look at the rocky plateau of Dong Van Karst.

Ha Giang is home to the breathtaking Dong Van Karst Plateau, a UNESCO Global Geopark. Limestone peaks and deep gorges make for an interesting and exotic scene. 

The plateau is home to ethnic minority communities, including the Hmong, Tay, and Dao. On your travels, you might come across them ambling along the trail.

Visit the Palace of the Hmong King.

The Hmong King Palace in Ha Giang is a magnificent wooden building from the early 20th century.

With more than a hundred rooms and a spacious courtyard, this Hmong palace is adorned with elaborate carvings and colorful textiles. 

The palace has been turned into a museum featuring many Hmong cultural and history objects. You can discover about the Hmong culture, history, and customs when you are traveling Ha Giang 

The-H-Mong-King-s-Palace-In-Ha-GiangThe H'Mong King's Palace In Ha Giang

Take a trip down the Nho Que river.

While you're in the Ha Giang area, you should definitely make time to go on a boat ride down the Nho Que river. The river is well-known for the breathtakingly magnificent scenery that can be found along its banks, which includes high cliffs and rich vegetation.

The environment is calm and pleasant, and visitors may take in stunning panoramas of the Ma Pi Leng Pass and the Dong Van Karst Plateau while they enjoy the experience.

In the Tu San canyon, which is one of the highlights of the voyage, the river winds its way through a slender gorge that is sandwiched between towering cliffs. 

Boating-Nho-Que-RiverBoating Nho Que River

Spend time in an ethnict family

An authentic experience of Ha Giang can be had by staying in a local's home. A Hmong family that invited us to stay in their traditional stilt house was really warm and accommodating.

It's also an excellent method of being acquainted with the norms and practices of everyday life in the area. All meals are created using fresh, local ingredients, and they taste great.

Observe China from Vietnam's Northernmost Point.

From this vantage point, you will be able to see expansive hills and valleys in both Vietnam and China, with a river serving as a visual delineator between the two countries in the distance. Seeing another country from such a distant and rocky region of Vietnam was a bizarre experience for me.

Visit the Yen Minh Pine Forest

It would be a shame to pass up the chance to go to the Yen Minh Pine Forest. With its towering pine trees, verdant foliage, and quiet ambiance, this natural area is perfect for people who enjoy spending time outside and appreciating the great outdoors.

You can take a stroll in the woods at your own speed, or you could have a picnic in one of the open areas.

In addition, Yen Minh is home to a number of cultural and historical sites, such as the Lung Cam Cultural Village and the Binh Lu Market.

Yen-Minh-Pine-Forest Yen Minh Pine Forest

Motorbike tour of the Ha Giang loop

The Ha Giang Loop is one of the best things to do in Ha Giang.  The environment is just stunning, with towering mountains and verdant valleys stretching as far as the eye can see. Riding a motorcycle through the twisting roads of the mountains may be a thrilling experience that rejuvenates the body and mind.

Ha Giang is home to some of the kindest and most hospitable people I've ever met, and it was fascinating to hear about their ancient customs and practices.

Local specialties such as maize wine and grilled chicken sent my taste buds into a tizzy of delight.

Experience delicious local dishes

Ha Giang is a place no foodie should miss if they are planning a trip to Vietnam.

The black chicken hotpot, including a spicy and savory broth cooked with locally raised blackbirds and a variety of herbs and spices, is a popular meal in Ha Giang. 

Thang Co, a traditional soup made with horse meat, organs, and bones, is also very well-liked due to its lengthy cooking time, which brings out the dish's robust flavors.

For something a bit lighter, you can have steamed rice rolls packed with pork and mushrooms, known as Banh Cuon. Delicate and flavorful, these rolls are sold at markets and street shops across the region and make for a great breakfast or snack.


Visit some of the vibrant local markets.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the region's varied traditions and customs is to explore the local markets in Ha Giang.

Dong Van market

Every Sunday, the center of the ancient village of Dong Van becomes a lively and vibrant marketplace known as the Dong Van market.

The market is famous for its distinctive local cuisines, handmade goods, and fresh produce.

Meo Vac market

Experience the colorful culture and lively spirit of Ha Giang's ethnic communities at the Meo Vac market.

Vendors are happy to strike up conversations and tell you about their lives as they sell you their wares of fresh food, homemade crafts, and traditional attire.

Khau Vai loves market

Khau Vai commune in the Meo Vac district hosts the annual Khau Vai love market on the 27th day of the third lunar month. It's a gathering place for couples who have enjoyed a hidden love affair throughout the year.

Local ethnic groups celebrate their distinctive traditions by dressing in traditional garb and performing songs and dances throughout the day. 

Pay a visit to some of the minority villages.

These villages are home to a wide variety of racial and linguistic subgroups, each of which has its own unique culture, language, and way of life.

When you visit the minority villages in Ha Giang, you will have the opportunity to participate in traditional festivals, try local cuisine, and learn about traditional handicrafts. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the unique cultural legacy of Ha Giang.

Lo Lo Chai village

One of the best things to do in Ha Giang is to visit the village of Lo Lo Chai and look at the locals going about their daily lives, such as farming or weaving.

Living with a local family and gaining insight into their way of life was another incredible aspect of my homestay.

The yearly Cau Mua festival is not to be missed because of the traditional music, dance shows, and buffalo combat tournament. 

Lo-Lo-Chai-villageLo Lo Chai village

Lao Xa village (Sung La)

This picturesque town can be found right in the middle of the UNESCO-recognized Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, which is renowned for its breathtaking natural vistas and rich cultural heritage.

Intricate needlework, crafted by experienced artisans, is a trademark of the Hmong people, who call Lao Xa home.

The valleys and rice paddies below are stunning, and you can see them all from a journey across the neighboring hills and mountains.

Lung Tam weaving village

Taking a trip to the Lung Tam hamlet in the Quan Ba district is an absolute must for everyone who is interested in traditional handicrafts and textiles. This village is located in Ha Giang.

Observe highly trained artisans at work as they weave elaborate patterns onto hemp and flax textiles using methods that have been around for centuries.

To get a one-of-a-kind and aesthetically pleasing memento while also contributing to the well-being of the neighborhood, consider making a purchase of textiles from the artists themselves or going to the Sunday market in the area.

Take a dip in Du Gia Waterfall.

The trip to the Du Gia waterfall in Ha Giang is sure to be one you'll never forget. The rich flora and towering trees that frame this breathtaking waterfall provide for a serene and beautiful setting.

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear water and the breathtaking scenery. A homestay in the Du Gia hamlet is the best way to thoroughly immerse yourself in the local culture and customs and enjoy a more authentic experience. 

Du-Gia-WaterfallDu Gia Waterfall

Explore the caves

Cave exploration in Ha Giang is an activity that should not be missed by anyone with an adventurous spirit.

The area is home to a number of breathtaking caverns, such as the Phuong Cave and the Tu San Canyon, both of which provide visitors with opportunities to participate in activities that are truly unforgettable.

Tham Luong cave

Go check out the towering stalactites and stalagmites in Tham Luong Cave, located close to Tam Son.

If you're interested in the geology and history of the cave, as well as seeing rare bats and other creatures, a guided tour is the way to go.

Lung Khuy cave

You simply can not leave Ha Giang without having seen the Lung Khuy cave! It is a true natural wonder, complete with underground rivers and one-of-a-kind rock formations that will cause you to lose your breath.

Take a look at the buckwheat flowers.

The buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang are quite stunning, and you should go see them. The greatest time to visit is in the fall when the hills and valleys are covered in a magnificent blanket of pink and white flowers.

Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac are excellent locations from which to view this spectacular natural phenomenon.





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