What to eat in Ha Giang?

Thursday, 13/06/2024

What to eat in Ha Giang? Discover the top 10 must-try foods in Ha Giang in this guide. Let's do it with Vietnam Trust Car Rental

Ha Giang is a well-known destination in Vietnam with its magnificent landscapes and cultural wealth. Besides, when traveling here, you do not miss out on Ha Giang cuisine, alluring you with flavors that are deeply rooted in the customs of the area. 

1. Thang Co


  • Local markets
  • Moc Mien restaurant - Dong Van district, Ha Giang

Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Cost: 100.000đ – 300.000 VND

One of the most well-known dishes in Ha Giang, this dish is a traditional H'Mong cuisine. It includes many meat such as beef, hog, horse, and buffalo. 

Offal, flesh, and bones are the components that give this dish its distinctive flavor. These components are cooked with twelve different kinds of spices, including cinnamon, and cardamom. 

Thang Co, Ha Giang


At restaurants, you can sample Thang Co, or you can choose to get an authentic experience at one of the local markets. The exquisite and one-of-a-kind flavor of Thang Co will undoubtedly be an experience that tourists to Ha Giang will remember in your life. 

2. Sour pho - Phở chua

  • Address: 12 Bach Dang, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang
  • Opening hours: 07:00 am – 09:30 pm
  • Cost: 25.000 - 35.000 VND

You are planning in Ha Giang and do not know what to eat in Ha Giang, you should try "Pho Chua" in Ha Giang. 

Sour pho


Char-siu pig, roasted duck, fried peanuts, or handmade sausages are some of the components that go into making Sour Pho. Furthermore, some veggies complement the dish, such as basil, fresh garlic, shredded papaya, or cucumber. Instead of using dry Pho noodles, the primary component is noodles that are both fresh and supple.

3. Buckwheat cake in Ha Giang

  • Address: Local markets in Ha Giang (From October to November)
  • Cost: 10.000 - 15.000 vnd

Buckwheat flowers bloom all across Ha Giang during the end of the year, maybe between October and November. 

If you are not already aware of it, buckwheat seeds are also utilized in the production of beer and a one-of-a-kind specialty known as buckwheat cake.

After the end of each buckwheat season, the locals start collecting the seeds and allowing them to dry before hand-grinding them into a fine powder. 

Buckwheat cake in Ha Giang

The powder has been combined with water, a dough that is malleable is created. This dough is then put into conventional molds in order to produce a round cake.

The texture of buckwheat cakes can be described as either soft and chewy or crunchy, and each cake is normally designed to serve two to three individuals.

4. Thang Den


  • Dong Van Old Quarter, Dong Van district, Ha Giang
  • Address: 154 Tran Hung Dao, Ha Giang city, Ha Giang

Cost: 25.000 VND - 50.000 VND

Thang Den originates from the Yên Minh district, is characterized by sticky rice that is plump, fragrant, and mildly sweet with many other fillings, ranging from mung beans to red beans, are contained within each sticky rice ball. These fillings provide a wonderful chewiness and a sense of rice scent with each bite.

Thang Den

The cakes are boiled, and then they are served with a sweet soup that is made with ginger and hoa mai sugar, which is a sort of sugar that has a golden tint that is similar to the color of mai flower.

 When a bowl of Thang Den is topped with a little amount of coconut juice, roasted peanuts, and golden sesame seeds, it is enhanced even further and becomes more appealing.

5. Sticky rice in bamboo tubes - Com Lam

  • Address: Quang Trung, Yên Phú, Bắc Mê, Hà Giang
  • Cost: 25.000đ – 50.000 VND

Com Lam is a traditional dish that is made by the local people in northern in Vietnam. 

After the bamboo and reed tubes have been gathered from the mountains, they are next split into smaller portions. The tubes are soaked in water for approximately thirty minutes, then sealed with banana or Dong leaves and filled with rice until they are almost completely full.

Sticky rice in bamboo tubes

While you are eating, you will be able to detect the delicate aroma that comes from banana leaves and dong leaves. In addition to being wonderful on its own, Com Lam can also be enjoyed with muoi vung. Besides, you can eat with a side of grilled meat.

6. Au Tau porridge


  • 79 Tran Hung Dao, Yen Minh town, Yen Minh district, Ha Giang
  • QL4C, Dong Van district, Ha Giang

Cost: 30.000 - 50.000 vnd

What to eat Ha Giang? The Au Tau porridge has been considered to be a meal that is unique to Ha Giang. It was initially used by the H'Mong people as a treatment for colds, but it eventually evolved into a much-loved regional specialty.

Au Tau porridge

It is possible to get Au Tau porridge at any time of the year; however, it is normally sold in the evening until midnight. 

In addition to the beaten chicken eggs, spring onions, and basil, the porridge is served with lemon. While the concoction is still hot, it is well mixed and eaten. 

7. Ha Giang-style steamed rice rolls


  • 31 Pho Co, Dong Van district, Ha Giang
  • Minh Khai street, Ha Giang city, Ha Giang
  • 29 Pho Co, Dong Van district, Ha Giang

Cost: 30.000 - 40.000 vnd

There is a similarity between Hanoi rice rolls and Ha Giang. Both have a filling of minced pork and are topped with fried shallots. However, what differentiates Banh Cuon in Ha Giang from those found in other places is the use of bone broth rather than nuoc mam. 

The Black Pig's bone was the one that was used to make the soup. You can choose between two different kinds of fillings for your Banh Cuon: the traditional minced beef filling, which is either mushrooms or eggs. 

Banh Cuon in Ha Giang

Each serving of Banh Cuon is served with a bowl of soup that is served hot and accompanied by cilantro and gio. Other ingredients, such as pepper, chile, vinagre, or bamboo shoots that have been pickled, can be added to the rice rolls, or they can be soaked in the broth.

8. Hunchbacked sticky rice cake - Banh Chung Gu 

  • Address: 443 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Giang city, Ha Giang
  • Cost: 20.000 VND

Banh Chung Gu in Ha Giang is a dish that is not overpowering, yet it is smooth, tasty, and rich. Because of its diminutive size, it is simple to grasp and transport, making it ideal for a speedy snack when hunger strikes. 

Glutinous rice, mung beans, pork, Dong leaves, and rattan strings are the components that go into the preparation of Banh Chung Gu.

Hunchbacked sticky rice cake

 In order to impart a natural green color to the rice, it is steeped in water made from galangal leaves. When the cake is cooked, it emits the aroma that is characteristic of Banh Chung Gu, which is located in Ha Giang.

9. Smoked buffalo meat

The Thai people in Ha Giang enjoy eating smoked buffalo meat, which is known as Thit trau gac bep. This is one of the most popular cuisines in Ha Giang.

The meat is sliced very thinly and then marinated in a blend of spices and herbs that includes things like salt, garlic, ginger, and lemongrass. After the meat has been marinated, it is hung over a fire that is constructed using a variety of woods, including bamboo, lychee, and chestnut, and it is smoked for a number of hours until it has a characteristic smoky flavor and scent. 

Smoked buffalo meat

You can sample smoked buffalo meat in a variety of local markets, food booths, and restaurants across the province of Ha Giang, particularly in Dong Van town and Meo Vac town.

10. Five-colored glutinous rice

  • Address: Mèo Vạc Market or Đồng Văn Old Quarter.
  • Cost: 10,000 - 15,000 VND.

Five-colored glutinous rice is one of the best foods in Ha Giang with the dazzling hues. 

Glutinous rice that has been blended with natural colors derived from a variety of components is the basis for the production of five-colored glutinous rice. 

The leaves of the Magenta plant are used to create the color purple, the Gac fruit represents the color red, the Pandanus leaf represents the color green, turmeric represents the color yellow, and the soaking pea flower represents the color blue. 

Five-colored glutinous rice

Besides, enjoying the Ha Giang cuisine, you can explore many tour attractions here such as go a boat on the Nho Quy River, visiting the Lung Cu flag town, discovering Tham Ma Pass… 

Above is top 10 best foods in Ha Giang that you should try. I have hope that the information presented here will prove to be beneficial to you. If you are looking for a car rental in Ha Giang, please contact Vietnam Trust Car Rental to support. 




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