Dong Van Ancient Town, Ha Giang: Things You Need To Know 2024

Tuesday, 09/07/2024

Dong Van ancient town is one of the attractions with a large number of tourists due to its wild and rustic beauty. You can visit from the bright pink buckwheat flowers that cover the rocky plateau to mountain passes that are perilous and highly impressive or flowing emerald green rivers. 

Dong Van Ancient Town Information

Dong Van ancient town is a hidden gem amid the tranquil and stunning antiquity of hundreds of years old dwellings, lively highland marketplaces, and one-of-a-kind architecture of Vietnam's northernmost area. Mountains and forests on all sides surround it.

Dong Van Ancient Town in Ha Giang


Dong Van ancient town is about 160km from the city center and is located in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. This place is one of the best destinations in Ha Giang and attracts a large number of tourists every year. 

In the 20th century, there were few  Tay, Chinese, and Mong people here to live and the town increased the number of people such as Dao, Nung, and Kinh,... 

women is taking a picture with the stone home at Dong Van ancient town


Dong Van has become a particularly intriguing destination with tourists during all four seasons. Besides, the town is at its busiest during the festival seasons, particularly during the buckwheat blossom season, which occurs from October to December.

Cultural activities imbued with national cultural identity have been performed every evening in the center of Dong Van ancient town. Along with that are friendly exchange activities with domestic and foreign tourists. In the middle of the ancient town, the flickering campfire stirs up emotions, making each visitor feel excited in this unique cultural space of Dong Van.

How to get to Dong Van Town?

There are many ways to transfer from Hanoi to Dong Van, Ha Giang. You can travel by bus, motorbike, private car,... 

If you choose a bus to Ha Giang from Hanoi, you can take a bus to My Dinh Bus Station, Giap Bat Bus Station, or Gia Lam Bus Station. 

After reaching Ha Giang, you can book a taxi, or motorbike to Dong Van ancient town. The road is particularly dangerous because of the numerous cliffs that are located on the pass. 

Men took a commemorative photo next to the car


So, if you are traveling here by motorbike, you should pay attention and avoid running at night. 

Besides, the best choice from Hanoi to Ha Giang is to rent a private car with a driver.

With a long distance ( 300km), a private car transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang brings comfortable, safe, and flexible time. You do not depend on the time of public vehicles. 

You can sightseeing, and snap a picture on the route. The public vehicles do not allow you to do it. 

In addition, explore Ha Giang tour a day private car, tourists can visit many amazing attractions here such as Ha Giang ancient town, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Tham Ma Pass, Ma Pi Leng Pass .. and things to do in Ha Giang that you should try when traveling in here

Best time to visit Dong Van Ancient Town

Ha Giang weather is cool, fresh, and pleasant throughout the year, so tourists can visit anytime in the year.

However, the best time to visit Dong Van, Ha Giang is from October to November. This is the buckwheat blossom season in Ha Giang. You will have the opportunity to stroll around the town while being engulfed in the entrancing aroma of colorful flower fields.

Besides, travelers can visit Dong Van ancient town during the ripe rice season from September or the Khau Vai love market festival season between March and April of the lunar calendar. 

So, if you are planning to Ha Giang, you can combine your trip with a visit to the Dong Van ancient town. 

What to do in Dong Van?

Visit the local Market in Dong Van

Dong Van market is located in Dong Van town, Ha Giang province, and is the busy and active market of a popular ethnic minority. 

This market is buying, selling, and exchanging items place for the local ethnic communities. Besides, the market is a gathering place for young men and women who are looking for romantic partners.

Tourists can find anything here from clothing to equipment for farming and agriculture, , handicrafts, and traditional goods. 

Dong Van Market


Additionally, the Dong Van Town market frequently has many games. You will have the opportunity to have their hair cut on the street where they are standing.

In addition, you will be surprised to see there are a variety of creatures, such as hens, ducks, and buffaloes, that may be found on the road.

Explore Dong Van Ancient Town

Dong Van Ancient Town is not large, so you should stroll through the village streets and see the historic homes. 

Besides, tourist will also get the opportunity to talk to folks who are quite friendly and learn more about their life. 

The woman visit the night market in Dong Van acient town


One of the unique characteristics of this historic town is that it possesses a beauty that is distinct, delicate, and unique at every hour of the day. In the morning, the town is stunning and soft. In the afternoon, when the sunset falls, the old town is more beautiful and gentle. 

In the evening, Dong Van ancient town becomes brilliant prominent red lights. 

Enjoy the Ha Giang food

When traveling in Ha Giang, you should try the Ha Giang cuisine. Many tourists have been attracted to the Northern Mountains cuisine because of the distinctive quality that you do not find in any other place. 

There are many well-known foods in Ha Giang that you must try at least your life such as "Thit Trau Gac Bep",  Bac Me sticky rice, colorful sticky rice, Au tau porridge, "Thang Co," and rice buns... 

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is the home to a number of different ethnic communities and has been recognized as a Global Geopark by UNESCO. 

The girl wearing a red dress is walking on the Dong Van stone plateau


With stunning limestone landscapes and rocky mountains, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is one of the best destinations in Ha Giang that you should visit. 

When you reach the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, you will admire the beauty of the Northwestern forest mountain. 

Accommodation in Dong Van ancient town

You can refer some accomandation in here. They lovely, reasonably priced, and clean. 

Tuyên Hà homestay

  • Hotline: 0353 327 280
  • Address: 309 tổ 1, Đồng Văn, Hà Giang

Triệu Nghị Homestay

  • Hotline: 038 799 9077
  • Address: Tổ 4, thị trấn Đồng Văn, huyện Đồng Văn, tỉnh Hà Giang , Hà Giang, Vietnam

Dong Van B&B

  • Hotline: 0915 671 971
  • Address: Alley 2, 19/5, Street, Đồng Văn, Hà Giang

Huyen Tram Guesthouse

  • Hotline: 0987 710 780
  • Address: Số 60 Tổ 3, Đồng Văn, Hà Giang

Above is the information about Dong Van ancient town that Vietnam Trust Car Rental wants to provide you. Make a trip to Ha Giang to explore the beautiful location. If you want to book a car in Ha Giang, let's contact us. 




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What to eat in Ha Giang? Discover the top 10 must-try foods in Ha Giang in this guide. Let's do it with Vietnam Trust Car Rental. 

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