Vietnam Bai Tu Long national park | romantic island

Friday, 28/08/2020

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Vietnam Bai Tu Long national park - romantic island is 220 km away by private taxi from Hanoi and located at Van Don district, Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

Vietnam Bai Tu Long national park - romantic island is a national biosphere reserve area in Bai Tu Long Bay which is a fascinating attraction in Halong Bay. The national park possesses unique and stunning natural landscapes. Coming to the national park, tourists will be overwhelmed by the pristine and spectacular beauty of the nature with lines of islands running along the coastline.

Tropical jungles cover all mountainsides with immensely green trees, appealing tourists. It makes tourists forget all about life's worries to enjoy and immerse in the nature. Many limestone grottoes float on the sea's surface with various and strange shapes, creating pleasure to tourists when they contemplate, and enriching their imagination.

Situated in Bai Tu Long National Park - treasure of nature and near Halong Bay - World Natural Heritage, Bai Tu Long National Park is regarded as a biosphere "treasure" amid the Northeast's sea of Vietnam.

Bai Tu Long National Park has a total area of nearly 15,800 ha, including about 9.660 ha of the ocean and 6,125 ha of islands. It owns 1,909 species of animals and plants with 72 fauna species and 30 floral ones listed in Vietnam Red Book. In the East, Bai Tu Long National Park is adjacent to a strong-wave ocean, while in the west, the seascape is so serene with water calm and peaceful waters. Therefore, the national park is seen as a wall that protects the local people living in Van Don Island from hurricanes of the sea.

Vietnam Bai Tu Long national park | romantic island

Vietnam Bai Tu Long national park - romantic island comprises some main islands. On Ba Mun Island, jungle is the habitat of many precious species such as python, catamount, monkey, pangolin, and gecko. Here is also a place where the density of ungulates is highest.

It is seen as the biggest natural wild animal protection in the Northeast of Vietnam. The floral system on Ba Mun Island is very diverse with 780 higher plants such as valuable timber species. In 2010, Ba Mun Island became the largest center for sea animal rescue in the Northeast.

The center is caring and feeding many wild animals such as bears, red-face monkeys, long-tail monkeys, urchin, three-line turtles, etc. These animals were rescued by rangers of Bai Tu Long National Park from trafficking wild animals by waterway.

Leaving Ba Mun Island, tourists will come to Tra Ngo Lon Island, the largest island in the Halong Bay attraction. The island has a special geological structure. In the north, there are mountains; in the south, there are caves, grottoes and fishing farms.

All of these scenes make the area more captivating. In the center of this island, it is Cai Lim area where there are many typical and featuring values of mangrove ecosystem. Nutrition here mainly comes from sediment on the mountains.

Thus, it takes hundreds even thousands of years for Tra Ngo Lon Island to own an abundant mangroves ecosystem as now. Entering deeper in Cai Lim area, many scientists evaluate the area is a place of many second-to-none vegetations compared to other mangroves in Vietnam. Tourists have to overcome dense and lush green bamboo forests to reach diverse mangroves of coccoloba uvifera (or sea grape trees).

The "sea grape trees" grow with high density, many generations. Besides, there are hundred-year-old sea bean sprouts. The deeper tourists enter the area, the more they discover many amazing things. That will be an amazing experience in any Vietnam tours to national parks in this country.

Leaving Cai Lim area, tourists will overcome a "matrix" of waterways created by thousands of islands in the national park. The coral reef of Bai Tu Long National Park is an important marine ecosystem with exclusive features in scale and area.

There are two most ideal areas in the national park to enjoy and contemplate the coral reef, Mang Khoi and Dau Cao. To preserve and develop sustainably the ecosystem, special features of the national park, many activities are organized to raise the awareness of people and actively to research and seek methods for tourism development in the national park.

Bai Tu Long National Park - treasure of nature is really a worthy place to discover in Vietnam holidays. Not only does it possess a diverse but unique flora and fauna system, but also many spectacular mangroves which are seen as among important mangrove ecosystems in Vietnam. Along with Bai Tu Long National ParkPsychology Articles, Cat Ba National Park and Cuc Phuong National Park are also should-not-miss places in tourists’ natural exploration tours in Vietnam.

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The island belongs to northern city of Hai Phong. It has a wide variety of natural ecosystems, both marine and terrestrial, and is highly biodiverse.

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