Phu Quoc Travel Tips

Friday, 14/06/2019



Phu Quoc (the pearl island) is the largest island of Vietnam offers a lot of interesting attractions to see during your holiday. The sights of Phu Quoc are really diverse ranging from beautiful beaches, white sand beaches, pepper gardens, waterfall, temples to fascinating markets and the authentic Vietnamese food.


Phu Quoc Travel Tips
  1. Relaxing at Long Beach stretches for more than 20 kilometres to the south of the island and most of the action happens around the main town which is the most developed area with lots of restaurants and accommodation. Pick up sunset are wonderful here.
  2. Sightseeing on the longest cable car in the world. The Cable car connects the island’s town An Thoi to the archipelago’s second biggest island Hon Thom, or Pineapple Island. It is 8 km if you want seeing island from above let try it.
  3. Snorkel at 3 beautiful spots at Finger Island, Dam Ngang and May Rut Island. You will be swimming and snorkel with the colorful marine life and explore the coral gardens and admire the amazing reefs up close swim in the tropical waters.
  4. Visit to Coconut Prison (Phu Quoc Prison). The prison was established during the French colonization of Vietnam in the 1940s and expanded in the 1960s by US-backed Southern Vietnamese troops in order to imprison Vietnamese soldiers.
  5. Visit fish sauce factory. Fish sauce Phu Quoc is a popular and famous Vietnamese fish sauce that locals still make in the traditional way. Learn about the process of making fish sauce will be good experience.


  1. Relaxing at the stunning Bai Sao Beach. Its pristine beauty with pure white sand and clear blue water and Sao Beach is one of the best beaches on the island.
  2. The Phu Quoc Pearl farm. It offers a great variety of pearl accessories for you to choose from. Additionally, you will also gain some insights on pearl production here with a short guided tour. 
  3. Picnic at Suoi Thanh waterfall. To reach the waterfall you will go deeper into the forest. After approximately 15 minutes you will arrive at the small waterfall. Before that, there are several natural pools where you can swim in the ice cold water or just sit down for enjoy fresh forest.
  4. Dinh Cau temple. It is a small Chinese temple, which is built on some rocks. You can see some shrines inside and enjoy the great view at the Long Beach and the harbor of Duong Dong.
  5. Phu Quoc night market. More than half of stall at here which sell fresh seafood, street snacks, and beverages at affordable prices. Live fish, sea snails, crabs and scallops are kept in large tanks with prices listed on the board in front of every booth. To order, just choose whichever you like to eat before taking your seat to see they make it for you.


  1. Rent a private car with English speaking driver will be more comfortable and relaxing. And make sure you would not miss the important destination.
  2. Taxis. Taxis start at average at 12,000 VND for the first kilometer and 17,000 VND per kilometer thereafter. Do not take unmetered taxis!
  3. Rent a motorbike. This is will be easy for you go around the city. However, make sure you can ride it well. You can rent them at hotels or motorbike shops with cost under 200.000 VND per day.


  1. Crab House – Nhà Ghẹ Phú Quốc. This is a seafood lover’s paradise! Specially are crab. Location: 21 Trần Hưng Đạo Street, Dương Đông Ward, Phú Quốc.
  2. Saigonese Eatery. The Vietnamese food served here is cooked with passion, using a well-balanced range of flavors. Location: 73 Trần Hưng Đạo Street, Dương Đông Ward, Phú Quốc.
  3. The Pepper restaurant. Many kind of grill seafood are here. Location: Bai Dai, Phu Quoc.
  4. On the Rocks Restaurant. Western-Asian fusion options. Location: Ong lang, Phu Quoc.
  5. Itaca Restaurant – Lounge. Authentic Spanish. Location: 119 Trần Hưng Đạo Street, Dương Tơ Ward, Phú Quốc.


You can go to phu quoc at any time. However, if you do not want to be upset with rainy, you should avoid rainy season (June – October). The dry season in Phu Quoc begins from November to April. This period is the best time to enjoy holiday.


Phu Quoc Town is not really busy town and it’s a safe place to backpack and travel – even if you’re traveling solo or even as a solo female traveler. Violent crime against travelers is very rare, but petty crime and theft is not. In crowded places, you’ll want to keep your purse/wallet close and be mindful of the activity around you. Don’t keep your cell phone or money in your hand as you’re walking around.

Traffic can be hard to navigate in Phu Quoc Town. Motorbikes are everywhere, and as a pedestrian, crossing the street can be scary. Wait for a break in the traffic before crossing the road and then slowly go to the other side.

Most people are very honest! Be on alert for scams. Just keep an eye out.


Phu Quoc offers a good range of accommodation, mostly located at Duong Dong Town. There are a lot of luxury 5-star resort, the hotels and hostels in Phu Quoc are spacious and can offer a great stay.


You don’t need to do much to save money in Phu Quoc as it’s super inexpensive to visit already. But, if you must, here are some ways you can cut down your costs:

  1. Ask your hotel staff – Before you leave the hotel, ask them to estimate how much what you want to do should cost. How much a ride to tourist places should cost? How much should I pay to have a t-shirt like this made? How much should pay for meal… They will be able to give you bargaining guidelines.
  2. Eat street food – Street food in Phu Quoc is inexpensive and delicious.
  3. Rent a motorbike if you want to travel around.
  4. Stay in town – resort near the beach will be more expensive than those a bit further away. Stay further away from the tourist hub to save you some money.



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