8 Things Must Do In Hanoi Vietnam

Friday, 14/06/2019

Harmonizing between traditional and modern culture. Hanoi in the eyes of Westerners is a true ancient Asian city.

1. A true old Asian city
When coming to Bangkok, Thailand, you will be overwhelmed by the street light, the modern commercial center. Despite visitor love for Bangkok. This is not an ancient Asian city. Hanoi is the capital but still preserves the old quarter, preserving the tradition of the past times. Visitors will see dusty painted walls, temples and shrines in many corners of the city. The small paths intertwined like a maze make you feel like entering another World.

2. Perfect blend of ancient and modern culture

The city has many temples, local markets, ancient churches and lakes for visitors. It's a great chance to learn about culture. However, the streets are also full of service shops, allowing foreign visitors to visit freely. It also has many hotels, good lodgings, a variety of cafes and Western food stores.

3. Cheap
When coming to Hanoi, Many westerner was surprised because everything was cheap. Even in the heart of the capital, you can find a dormitory room costing £ 5 (150,000 VND) per night with free breakfast. Meals cost around 1 pound (30,000 VND), and draft beer costs only 50 cents (about 15,000 VND). So if you want a short day trip in Hanoi, with a low cost, Hanoi is the right choice.

4. Women's Museum
A female writer, who loves to learn about the lives of local women. When arrived in Hanoi, she found a museum dedicated to women. Here, visitors can learn about Vietnamese ethnic women, their roles and jobs in wartime and life today. For her, the museum is not only a place to preserve heritage for Vietnamese women. But most importantly, this place helps promote gender equality in society.

5. Each street is a market
Hanoi is one of the most wonderful cities, where the breath of life is expressed right on the street. Each alley has lots of food stalls, clothing shops and stalls selling local specialties. You can also buy fresh flowers and fruits around Phung Hung Street or visit the market along Hang Dao Street.

6. The food is delicious and varied
Vietnamese cuisine has been famous all over the World and Hanoi is the place to keep the best dishes. Like Pho, spring rolls, coffee ... These dishes are sell at stalls and markets in the heart of the city. Hanoi cuisine also has many new things for you to explore. Such as vegetarian restaurants, Yoga rooms serving attractive desserts and pizzas.

7. Tourism gateway of Vietnam
From the city, foreign tourists can easily visit the most beautiful tourist destinations in the North. Such as Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa, Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, Ninh Binh ... If you want to explore the rural life, you can take trips in the day from Hanoi to Tam Coc or Mai Chau.

If you want to travel around Southeast Asia without knowing where to start, Hanoi is your first choice. With an international airport, the city offers nonstop flights to nearby areas.

8. A 'adventure' nightlife
One of the things foreign visitors complain about Hanoi is the night curfew. You cannot get drunk from night till 6am like in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. But precisely because of that, you will feel more adventurous when playing the night in Hanoi. A handful of nightclubs and clubs remain open after curfew, when the city is completely asleep.

If you love something different, you can find the Long Bien wholesale market, Quang An flower night market sold only from 1 am until dawn. Although not a bustling nightlife, the market offers a unique experience, expressing a characteristic of the city.


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In the 16th and 17th century it played a major role as a trading port. Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Indian merchants lived and did their business here, leaving a legacy of historic buildings, colonial architecture and a lovely waterfront. According to historical documents, the number of vessels entering the harbor so much crowded, the goods were diversified.

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