Danang Travel Tips

Friday, 14/06/2019


Danang is the city located in the central of Vietnam. Danang has beautiful beaches, mountain and plain. There are many places attractive tourists as Bana hill, My khue beach and biggest indoor Amusing Park in Asia. Danang is also impressive for many stunning landscape such as Hai Van pass, primeval jungle in Son Tra peninsula and Marble Mountain. It also center of Hue and Hoi An. In the early 20th century, Danang was developed on a European model, which focused on social infrastructure and manufacture technology. Many kinds of economic activity took shape and thrived, such as agricultural production, small-scale industries, export product processing (tea, food, beverages, ice, alcohol, fish sauce and dried fish), ship building and repair, and service. Together with Hai Phong and Sai Gon, Danang became an important trading center of the Vietnam.


  1. Ba Na hill and Golden Hands Bridge area located under the Truong Son Mountain. Tourist centers located on top of Ba Na Mountain Spirit elevation 1489 meters above sea level. Golden Bridge Vietnam offers unrivaled aerial views to the city of Danang as well as the natural landscape in the surrounding. Lavenders and Chrysanthemums have also been planted on the sides of the bridge‘s walkway, made it even more colorful.
  2. Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountain), you’ll discover the stunning natural caves, enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the mountain, visit the mysterious pagodas and the sculpturing village.
  3. Son Tra Peninsula, it is considered as precious pearl with a long and curving beach and diversified fauna.
  4. My Khe Beach, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in world Forbes magazine’s voted.
  5. Linh Ung pagoda with the highest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam.


  1. The Champa Sculpture Art, which shows the most complete collection of rare and valuable items of the famous Cham culture.
  2. Han market, one of the city’s major traditional markets. This market is well-known for its live and fresh seafood, as well as its fresh fruits and vegetables, and local specialties.
  3. The dragon bridge. It was opened in 2013. the dragon on bridge blow fire and water out  at 21:00 during weekend and vacations.


  1. Rent a private car with English speaking driver will be more comfortable and relaxing. And make sure you would not miss the important destination in city.
  2. Taxis. Taxis start at average at 12,000 VND for the first kilometer and 17,000 VND per kilometer thereafter. Do not take unmetered taxis!
  3. Rent a motorbike. This is will be easy for you go around the city. However, make sure you can ride it well. You can rent them at hotels or motorbike shops with cost under 200.000 VND per day.


The temperature in Danang is high and less fluctuated. There are raining season usually from August to December and dry season from January to July. So the best time to go to Danang is from February to August. Because the weather warm and no storms.


Danang City is a busy city, but it’s a safe place to backpack and travel – even if you’re traveling solo or even as a solo female traveler. Violent crime against travelers is very rare, but petty crime and theft is not. In crowded places, you’ll want to keep your purse/wallet close and be mindful of the activity around you. Don’t keep your cell phone or money in your hand as you’re walking around.

Traffic can be hard to navigate in this City. Motorbikes are everywhere, and as a pedestrian, crossing the street can be scary. Wait for a break in the traffic before crossing the road and then slowly go to the other side.

Be on alert for scams. Just keep an eye out. Most people are very honest!


Hai Chau district is the urban district in city. So it is offers most of service for tourist


You don’t need to do much to save money in Danang City as it’s super inexpensive to visit already. But, if you must, here are some ways you can cut down your costs in Danang:

  1. Ask your hotel staff – Before you leave the hotel, ask them to estimate how much what you want to do should cost. How much a ride to tourist places should cost? How much should I pay to have a t-shirt like this made? How much for noodles soup… They will be able to give you bargaining guidelines.
  2. Eat street food – Street food in Danang is inexpensive and delicious. There are some food you should try: Quang noodle, noodle with fried fish, Vietnamese pancakes…
  3. Rent a motorbike if you want to travel around city.


Ba Na hill Golden Bridge Thing To Do In Danang Vietnam
Vietnam Trust car rental agency provides a full details for a day tour to Ba Na hill golden bridge from Danang, beside also share for you the best travel experience of Ba Na hill, Ba Na hill golden bridge travel guide as entrance ticket, how to get to there, best weather period to visit Ba Na hill, golden bridge and food served at Ba Na hill.
8 Things To Do When You Travel To Danang Vietnam
Da Nang is one of the major port cities in Vietnam and the biggest city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. And Da Nang is considered as the commercial and educational center of Central Vietnam. Today, Da Nang is becoming a "hot destination" of domestic and foreign tourists in terms of cleanness, safety and order, great beach resort.
Hoian Travel Tips

Hoi An is a lovely little town on the coast of Vietnam. It is a land rich in traditions of revolutionary, history and culture, is collected through the ages and it used to be well-known as an international market with many different names, such as Lam Ap, Faifo, Hoai Pho and Hoi An.

In the 16th and 17th century it played a major role as a trading port. Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Indian merchants lived and did their business here, leaving a legacy of historic buildings, colonial architecture and a lovely waterfront. According to historical documents, the number of vessels entering the harbor so much crowded, the goods were diversified.

Chan May Port Travel Tips

Chan May port travel tips is the port in Hue city which is an hour (45 km) over a highway to Da Nang City or an hour and a half (65 km) to Hue city. Tien Sa port is the port in Da Nang city just take 30 minutes to Da Nang city center or an hour (40 km) to Hoi An ancient town.

8 Things Must Do In Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is my favorite city in Vietnam. I wasn’t so sure after our first trip from two years ago, but a recent month-long stay made it clear.

Among the cities we’ve visited, we found Hoi An to be the most charming and Saigon to have the best food, but Hanoi is the most liveable. It’s a big city, much bigger than Hoi An so there’s more to do, but it doesn’t swallow you up like Saigon. It’s home to about the same population size as Ho Chi Minh City but it feels more intimate and inviting.

In fact, we plan on living from city to city in the near future and Hanoi will probably be our first stop. It’s one of our favorite cities so far and one we can really see ourselves living in.

Spend a few days exploring its tree-lined neighborhoods with crumbling but charming French colonial buildings, and you may understand why.

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