All Things Need To Know Before Travelling To Tien Giang Vietnam

Sunday, 13/09/2020

History of My Tho
This area was part of the Khmer empire until the 17th century, when the Vietnamese took control of the area. In the 18th century Siamese forces conquered the territory and were driven out in 1784. The French gained control in 1862 and this lasted till the French left Vietnam.

My Tho Today
The economy is based on tourism and agriculture. Because of its location in the Mekong Delta, still close Ho Chi Minh City, many people come for a day trip. For the same reason, the location, it is also a perfect place for fishing and the cultivation of rice, coconuts, bananas, mangoes, longans and citrus fruit. 

All Things Need To Know Before Travelling To Tien Giang Vietnam.
My Tho city is the capital of Tien Giang province, Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. It is 68 kms away in 1.5 hours driving by private car from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) to the Southwest via Long An. My Tho city is along with the Tien River (upper-Mekong River).

All Things Need To Know Before Travelling To Tien Giang Vietnam as follows:
The Tien River (upper-Mekong River): 

The Tien River is the main northern branch of the Mekong through Vietnam.
The Mekong separates at Phnom Penh into the main northern branch of the Mekong proper - called the Tien River after entering Vietnam - and the southern branch of the Bassac River - which is called the Hau River after entering Vietnam.

In Vietnam, distributaries of the northern branch sông Tiền or Tiền Giang include the Mỹ Tho River, the Ba Lai River, the Hàm Luông River, and the Cổ Chiên River.

1.Unicorn Island (Thoi Son Island). Add: Thoi Son Commune, My Tho City. It’s 7 kms away from the center of My Tho city.
Thoi Son Island is one of famous attractions in Mekong River Delta. This island fascinates visitors by its beautiful landscapes (beautiful garden, beautiful canal, etc), unique traditional Vietnamese folk music – Don Ca Tai Tu, and special cuisine.

2.Rach Mieu Bridge. Add: My Tho City, Tien Giang province, and the other side of the bridge belongs to Ben Tre province. Rạch Miễu Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Rạch Miễu) is a cable-stayed bridge in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The bridge connects Tien Giang Province (Mỹ Tho) with Ben Tre Province, over the Mekong.

Construction began in 2002 and was completed on 19 January 2009.
When our car get the top of the bridge, we see 3 beautiful sites: My Tho city, Tien River, and Unicorn Island.

3.Vinh Trang Pagoda. Add: My An hamlet, ward 8, My Tho city. It’s 4 kms away from the center of My Tho city. Tel: 0273 3873 427.
Vinh Trang Pagoda is the greatest pagoda of Tien Giang Province, in an area of 2,000m2 with many beautiful trees.

It was built in 1849 in My Phong village, My Tho City, in the shape of  “Nation” letter of Chinese characters. The pagoda includes four large departments connected with each other: the front department, the main department, the worship department and the back department, bearing a combination of European-Asian architecture and creating a splendid beauty, solemnity, but purity.

The beautiful structure features a mixture of Chinese, Vietnamese and Angkor (Cambodian) architectural styles. The pagoda consists of five buildings, two ornamental yards and 178 pillars.

The extremely beautiful structures in the pagoda are two triumphal arches bearing an art of inserting bottle and porcelain fragments which create harmonious pictures illustrating the Buddha’s legendaries.

Inside the pagoda, there is a set of pictures “eight angels riding on animals” another set of statues of the Amitabha Holy Trinity carved in bronze, as big as a man, and more particularly, the set of the eighteen Arhants, wood carving work, is the only one, not two, in the west of South Vietnam, made by a number of artists in 1907. Graves of Buddhist priests who took care of the pagoda are scattered around.

These graves are decorated with carefully engraved flagstones.
There are three entrances to the pagoda.

The central iron gate is always closed, while the two side gates, which are designed in the co lau style are open. The side gates are adorned with colorful porcelain mosaics featuring Buddhist folktales and natural scenery.

The facade of Vinh Trang Pagoda contains both Asian and European architecture including elements from the Renaissance period, Romanesque style, French decorative flowers and Japanese enameled tile. From afar, the pagoda resembles the five-tower Angkor Temple.

According to locals, a monk named Minh Dan and an architect named Huynh Tri Phu traveled to Cambodia prior to building the pagoda for inspiration and eventually combined Khmer architecture with European styles for the pagoda.

Vinh Trang Pagoda houses 60 precious statues made from copper, wood and terracotta. The most valuable collection is the 18 arhats made from jackfruit tree wood in 1907. Additionally, the pagoda has a bell that was cast in 1854.

The pagoda is surrounded by gardens of ornamental trees, ancient trees and bonsai, creating a peaceful atmosphere. It provided shelter for Vietnamese patriots and is recognized as a national historical and cultural relic by the government.

Dong Tam Snake Farm. Add: Binh Duc commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province. It’s 9 kms away from the center of My Tho city. Tel: 0273 3853 204. This Snake Farm was established on October 27, 1979.

Dong Tam Snake Farm is the largest centre for snake rearing and snakebite treatment in the Mekong river Delta. It has long been an interesting tourist site for Vietnamese and foreign visitors. It is a special tourist destination in Vietnam.

Dong Tam Snake Farm is one of the country’s largest snake-raising centers where venom is produced for local use and export, with its collection of over 50 species of snake. This 12-ha-farm was formerly run by a retired Vietnamese soldier and expert-at-snake named Tran Van Duoc (Tu Duoc also).

The farm is now under the operation of the military, with a big collection of not only snakes but also some animals like: crocodiles, bears, turtles, sheep and ostriches. Some of them are mutants – evidence of the spraying of Agent Orange in the Mekong Delta during war time. Dong Tam Snake Farm has long been an interesting tourist site for domestic and foreign visitors.

There are many snakes winding themselves around the branches. Visitors also have an opportunity to see many rare and precious species of amphibians, such as pythons, crocodiles and turtles which are in danger of extinction in Vietnam.

Dong Tam Snake Farm has a museum with over 40 specimens of snakes which have been listed in Vietnam’s record book. This is the first snake museum in Vietnam. 

Rach Gam - Xoai Mut Victory relic. Add: ĐT 864, Kim Son commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province. It’s 14 kms away from the center of My Tho city. Cell phone: 0942112700.

The Battle of Rạch Gầm-Xoài Mút (Vietnamese: Trận Rạch Gầm – Xoài Mút, was fought between the Vietnamese Tây Sơn forces and an army of Siam in present-day Tiền Giang Province on January 20, 1785. It is considered one of the greatest victories in Vietnamese history.
Rach Gam - Xoai Mut marks the victory of Nguyen Hue hero and Tay Son troops in the strategic balttle to kill 50,000 Siamese troops in January 20, 1785.

In 1993, the Ministry of Culture - Information recognized "Rach Gam - Xoai Mut victory" as the national relic. In 2001, the relic was started to build and inaugurated on January 20, 2005, on the occasion of the 220th anniversary of Rach Gam - Xoai Mut victory.

Related to the national hero Nguyen Hue, the Tay Son - Tam Kiet temple in Tay Son district, the central province of Binh Dinh province is also recognized as the special national relic sites. The temple commemorates King Quang Trung and Tay Son soldiers who defeated the Qing invaders to liberate Thang Long (now Hanoi) in 1792.

Ap Bac Victory relic. Add: Tân Phú commune, Cai Lậy district, Tiền Giang province. It’s 20 kms away from the center of My Tho city.

Where to eat at My Tho Tien Giang Vietnam?

KM 1964+ 300 National road 1A | Chau Thanh District, Vietnam
Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Waitstaff, Parking Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi, Highchairs Available
Asian, Vietnamese, Vegetarian Friendly
Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch
+84 73 3858 676

69A Nguyen Trung Truc, My Tho, Vietnam
Waitstaff, Reservations
Vietnamese, Vegetarian Friendly

196A Duong Ap Bac, My Tho, Vietnam

We visited with Wendy Wu group for lunch. Very good, simple, tasty Vietnamese food. Lovely service from smiling efficient staff. When we arrived we were only people there, but when we left there were many people dining in this quite big restaurant. 

98 C My Thanh An, Ben Tre 83000, Vietnam
Outdoor Seating, Seating, Waitstaff, Takeout
Cafe, Street Food, Vietnamese
Drinks, Late Night, Dinner
+84 94 578 42 91

3D Coffee.
Cafe serving local Vietnamese street food and drinks. Family friendly, clean with English speaking staff.

51 Ngo Quyen Street | Ward 3, Ben Tre 930000, Vietnam
Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Waitstaff, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wifi
Italian, Pizza

52-53/18 Ap 3 | Tan Thach Commune, My Tho, Vietnam
Reservations, Seating, Waitstaff
Asian, Vietnamese, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch, Dinner
+84 75 3860 828

Ap 10, Tan Thach , Chau Thanh | Ben Pha Rach Mieu Cu, Ben Tre 83000, Vietnam
Cafe, Seafood, Diner, Gastropub
+84 93 983 65 43

Ben Tre, Vietnam
Reservations, Seating, Waitstaff
Seafood, Asian, Vietnamese, Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch, Dinner
+84 75 3860 828

65 Tet Mau Than Street, Ward 4, My Tho, Vietnam
Vietnamese, Healthy, Soups
+84 166 890 9567
Vegan Food - Pot Rice Restaurant

Trung Luong Junction, My Tho, Vietnam
+84 273 3855 441.

How to get to Tien Giang Vietnam?

1. Vehicle from Ho Chi Minh City: Tien Giang is 80 kms away in 2 hours driving by private car rental from Ho Chi Minh and It will be in 2h15 minutes hours driving by public bus from Saigon Vietnam to the Southwest.
2. Vehicles from the near-by cities, such as: Can Tho, Bac Lieu, Rach Gia, Soc Trang, etc.

3. Private taxi transfers from Ho Chi Minh to Mytho from 59$USD here:

By Bus public:

Futabus and Ngoc Anh bus are highly recommended. Besides a normal sleeper bus, Ngoc Anh also runs a high-quality bus. This bus has a private bed with a massage machine, television, headphones, and USB charging ports.

Mien Tay buses service

Address: Mien Tay Bus Station, 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Binh Tan District, HCMC
Running Hours: 7 AM to 11:30 PM (every hour)
Ticket Price: 40,0000 VND
Phone Number: 1900 6067

By Motorbike (not recomemnd).

The route from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho is quite easy. You only need to ride along Highway 1A (QL1A) until you reach Trung Luong then turn right to My Tho town. 

What is a good time to visit Tien Giang Vietnam?

Tien Giang is the same with other areas of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, it is also the land of mild climate and pleasant weather, so it’s deemed to be an ideal destination to visit all year round. The climate is harmonized with few of storms.

It is hot, humid all year. Rainy season lasts from May to November, and dry season lasts from December to April. The annual average temperature is 27ºC.You can hope to find a quite comfortable trip to this province as the average temperature there falls in around 25-27 degree Celsius. Sometimes there are several storms in the rainy season.

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