Ba Na hill Golden Bridge Thing To Do In Danang Vietnam

, 29/08/2020

Ba Na hill golden bridge is located at Truong Sa mountain in the Southwest of Danang Vietnam ( Ba Na hill golden bridge is at Hoa Ninh village, Hoa Van District, Danang Vietnam).

Ba Na hill golden bridge distance for 25km away in 30 minutes of driving from Danang and 50 km away from Hoian as well as on the road to Hue for 2h45 minutes on national hightway number 1 (QL1A).

What Ba Na hill Golden Bridge thing to do in Danang Vietnam history?

In 1919, the area was established by the French, who used it as a temperate and cool playground for colonialists. It consisted of hundreds of villas, restaurants, and resorts. However, during the war, the urban centre of Ba Na was destroyed. Some ruins can still be found, but they’re quite the opposite of their once opulent state.

Ba Na hill Golden Bridge thing to do in Danang Vietnam is considered as a paradise, with many interesting sights and attractions. Every year attracts thousand of visitors. If you are planning to travel to Ba Na Hills. Follow will share for you some experience information before traveling to Ba Na hill goden bridge.

Ba Na hill Golden Bridge Thing To Do In Danang Vietnam

What we will do at Ba Na hill golden bridge thing to do in Danang Vietnam?

Walking around here you would be forgiven for thinking you were actually in France itself. But, in true Vietnamese style—there is more… much more! Ba Na Hills is a thriving theme park, there’s karaoke, a wax museum, video arcades and rides at its peak. Accompanied by restaurants from across the globe and a myriad of street performers, add the thousands of visitors into the mix and it can be all a little overwhelming at times.

One of the main drawcards to the Ba Na Hills resort is the opportunities that the park provides for selfies and photos. It’s essentially a manicured social media dreamland for your next profile picture or Instagram post. Walking around and immersing yourself in the experience is a big part of what you pay for.

1. What is the best time to go up to Ba Na hill goden bridge?

Ba Na hill has a cool weather in all years, I think the best time to travel to Ba Na hill goden bridge is in the morning from7h30 am when the cable ready to be served to avoid a tourists crowded.

In Ba Na hills, with a cool climate all year round, a day can experience four seasons: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening. The best time to travel to ba Na hill golden bridge is from January to November as this time the Ba Na hill golden bridge weather is not too cool ( around 19 degree).

2. How the Ba na hill cable route work?

At the foot of Ba Na. The first stop is Ba Na main entrance check in gate where you can buy cable tickets, and get tickets to the play area. First to the cable car No. 1 to go to Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na hill Then return to the second cable car to Morin Peak, to the amusement park. Next to the mountain to take a panoramic view whole of Danang City. 

3. Transportation Facilities

From the center of Danang to Ba Na hill There are many ways like by motorbike, taxi or private car transfers... However, depending on who you go with. Here we suggest you how to travel incorporated as follows:


The best option is to rent a motorbike, two people rent a motorbike, the price varies from 150,000 VND - 250,000 VND / day depending on the type of bike. Renting a motorbike will help you to both look at the high Danang city and stop to take pictures (if you want). If you are not sure about the steering wheel, this type of ramp, you should not risk. But note that you should fill with gasoline to travel far away!

Transit Vehicles

You can take the Da Nang - Ba Na transit route, departing from 72 Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Thach Thang, Hai Chau District, Danang Vietnam ( Ba Na hill office bus ticket). Ticket price is about 70,000 VND / person return in the day, 50,000 VND / person / pass or return. Car depart from 8h30 daily, the last trip is 18h. It is rather inconvenient if you want to visit Ba Na more in the evening and do not want to leave early.

Bus to Ba Na from Danang central

Tickets are around 150,000 VND and 100,000 VND (one way or way back). This ticket includes guide staff, a 500ml bottle of water and welcome in the city of Da Nang. Pick up customers in Da Nang from 7:30 to 8:30 am and pick up guests at Ba Na at 14:30 to 30:30 every day. The distance from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills takes about 70-80 minutes.

Taxi service

With groups of 4-7 people, taxi is the most convenient way from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. However, taxi rates are relatively high. Taxi from Danang to Ba Na falls between 3570,000-470,000 VND and 600,000 round trip (4 hours in waiting).

The phone number of some taxi companies you can refer as

Taxi Mai Linh: (0236) .
Taxi VinaSun: (0236) .

Car rental in Danang

The price of car rental from Da Nang - Ba Na from 1,200,000 VND ( 59$USD) for a full day tour to Ba Na hill (excluding VAT).. Prices include driver's license, gasoline, road tolls and passenger insurance.

4. Where to buy a ticket, how much?\

At the cable car station, you buy cable car tickets to the top of Ba Na at the ticket counter at the foot of the mountain. But at the weekend or holiday season, tickets at the ticket counter have to queue for so long. If you travel with children so the best way to book private tour Ba Na hills, that you can save time.

Price for ticket

Adults and children over 1m3: 700,000 VND (includes mountain trains, wine cellars, excluding Wax Museum). For Danang people: 400,000 VND
Children from 1m to 1m3: 600,000 VND. For Danang people: 300,000 VND

Children under 1m Free
When you buy a ticket to Ba Na Hills cable car (including one turn and one turn) which will include:

Prices include entrance tickets to the resort
Price includes 10% VAT

The price includes most free games in the Fantasy Park recreation area: 105 games and games Legendary knight (slide)
Includes rock climbing tickets to the Deb Jam and Le Jardin D'Amour '

Prices do not include visiting wax museum, cotton picking and carnival skills at Fantansy Park.

5. What Should You Bring?

Tickets, bring tickets if you have pre-ordered.
Because Ba Na Hills is very wide, walking on foot will be painful. Should you use shoes, or low shoes, slippers to move.
Prepare a sun hat or frosted cap in the morning. In the afternoon / evening, you should bring a cool shirt because it is cool in the evening.
Camera, seflie stick, backup battery
For young children should prepare warm clothes, masks, milk
Do not forget to take the road map, and schedule this sample.

6. One-Day Self Sufficiency Day Trip At Ba Na Hills

You can go on tour or travel self-sufficient

7h30: taxi a private taxi from Danang to Bana hill golden bridge.

8h30: You come to the port to be free to admire and take pictures with scenery as well as beautiful water orchestra at the entrance to Ba Na. Then check the cable car. Section 1 from Suoi Mo to Ba Na station.
When sitting in a cabin with a capacity of 6-8 people, reaching the Guinness World Records. Cable system will automatically along the enamel along the road to the peak of Nui Ba.

From the cabin of the cable car, you can see the vast space of Ba Na with clouds, mountains, jungle, waterfall. At this time you will feel the change is quite clear climate here when passing through the sky. Or you will experience the feeling of adventure in the mix with mist. The average cable length is 20-25 minutes per trip.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na

9h00: Continue the journey you walk to visit the majestic Buddha statue 27m height is located in the highest position in Southeast Asia. Here you will also visit the Linh Ung Pagoda. This is a sacred temple on Mount Nui Chua, covered with misty mist of Ba Na, you are like the scene in the scene.

10h00: The day after Linh Ung Pagoda is Ba Na Hill, visit Deer Park and Guan Yin nearby. Then you get up to the second from Ba Na to Morin station. (The third block recently added to the service is from Mo Stream station up Indochine Railway Station). Mountain trains (starting at 8am, every 15 minutes there is a one-way and ending at 6pm every day.) The price of climbing trains is included in the cable car ticket.

11h00: You will visit the Fantasy Park is also the largest entertainment area in Vietnam including 106 free games with many gaming machines.
In addition, these and the game is challenging. For example: adventure slider tower, ghost cellar, adventure climbing, or turn of the century, you can play continuously without cost. Also at the wax gallery displays over 40 celebrities like the real thing. But you have to buy more tickets to the fare gate is 70,000 VND.

Afternoon activities

12h30: Lunch time, you can enjoy Lunch at Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills. The buffet is 200,000 VND / person. Another choice for your food at Ba Na hill refer below:

Hoi An Restaurant: Serves local dishes: rice noodles, rice noodles

Doumer Restaurant: Serves fast food, fruit, soft drinks

Morin Restaurant: Local Cuisine, Setmenu Asia & amp; Au: 180K or more, a la carte; 160K combo menu / productivity.

Beer The Du Dieu: specializes in serving wild foods such as buffalos, storks, ducks, calves; BBQ, fresh beer, fresh beer Hanoi

Kavkaz Restaurant: Roast typical of the Caucasus region (Russia), grilled ribs, grilled lamb, Russian salad.

Buffalo Buffet: Buffet 3 in the North - Central - South; Menu 68 dishes; 180K / capacity

Buffet Restaurant (Russia): Cuisine of the Kavkaz region (Russia); 250K / capacity

La Lavande Restaurant: 225k Buffet / Capacity

Le Jardin Restaurant (B6): Buffet 250K / Capacity 10. Brasserie Restaurant (B8): / Italian Cuisine

13h30: After lunch continue the journey. Then you come to the Temple of Spiritual Spirit can also call the Temple of Heavenly Father to pray for peace and happiness. Next to the temple of Thuong Ngan, bell tower, Linh Phong Tu

14h30: Come to French Village, you are free to watch the film and take souvenir with the landscape, the architecture.

15h45: Finish and leave Ba Na with the third cable is the cable car with the length and height of 4 world records.

If you want to stay to enjoy the cold air or Ba Na at night you can stay at the Mercure.

16h15: Return in Danang and Check in hotel and rest by yourself.

9. What to buy for souvenir?
Cham Stone is the only high-end souvenir shop in Ba Na Hills with hundreds of varied and rich designs. Here you can carve a portrait or buy unique and interesting little gifts for loved ones. But of course, the price here is expensive. I personally feel about the center of Da Nang buy gifts are local products for friends and relatives. It's cheaper.

10. Ba Na Hills travel Experience in advise 

Food and drink here are very expensive but less choice you should want to save money you should bring food, drinks.
The cost for cable car between station 1 and 2 is free. You should know the operating time of the cable car to avoid waiting. The cable car operates the first flight 07h30 and the last 21h00.

Day time in Ba Na hills can be sunny but very cold at night so if you stay overnight you should bring warm clothes. The hotel check in after 14:00, and check out before 11am, if you arrive earlier than you have to wait.

Ba Na is quite wide, so you have to go to the most comfortable out of your shoes, soft shoes or sport shoes.
The above is the frequency of Ba Na Hills tours in Da Nang. Wish you have a great trip!

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