Why Should Get To Danang In December?

Friday, 14/06/2019

Famous as the most livable city in Vietnam. Da Nang has attracted millions of visitors yearly. Blessed with many beautiful beaches and abundant resources. Da Nang always exudes a youthful, civilized and modern look. "The city of bridges" has increasingly affirmed its position and gradually become the nation's bright spot in terms of cultural economy and tourism.

Should we travel to Danang in December? In fact, Da Nang tourism peaks focus on the dry season, lasting from January to July. So December is the time to lie in the rainy season. However, you should not be too worried, from December onwards the rain is gradually subsiding and is also a hot time of many incentives and promotions. Danang in December will really bring a peaceful feeling to those who love rain. Not everyone is very dazzling on summer days, let a little coolness of Danang rain to balance your mood.
Da Nang weather in December

Traveling to Da Nang in December will be in the rainy season. So remember to prepare umbrellas and raincoats if necessary. Da Nang temperature in December during the day about 30 degrees Celsius. It's about 21 degrees Celsius at night, cool and cold weather will certainly make you excited, feel the coolness of the sea breeze. Although it is the rainy season, when stepping through November, the rains will not be heavy. Because the peak of rainstorms is concentrated in September and October. December there will be some sudden rains, lasting about 1 degree. -2 hours, so do not worry about for your short tours in Da Nang.

The traffic of visiting Danang in the peak season is extremely crowded from May to Sept. So when you come here in the dry season. Typically, Ba Na Hill tour and Son Tra Peninsula, these are crowded places of visitors standing in line to be served. Imagine if you had to wait in the hot sun in the hot season. There is nothing more to do than relax. So why not come here at the end of the year. Just relax and have fun without having to wait, you will find your soul much more relaxed and comfortable.

The weather is extremely cold and romantic.
For those who love rain, it is appropriate to travel to Danang. The cold weather in the evening will be very romantic. Especially the feeling of chill will stimulate the taste, so eating anything feels good, like hot pot & grill. Besides. Come here you can sit on the sidewalk without breaking a sweat, enjoying the street feeling in Da Nang.
Recommended sightseeing in Da Nang on December
1. Bana hill

Ba Na Hill is truly a wonderful destination that anyone can not ignore when travel to Danang. If you travel in the low season, you will feel more relaxed. No more jostling scenes, rushing to find empty places to checkin. Ba Na Hill picture from December will be more elegant, slower footsteps and softer hearts. Enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the scenery when standing at an altitude of 1,489m. But you will need warm jacket if you go here.

Come to Bana, you should not miss the French village. Because this is the main and most unique place of Ba Na Hill. A miniature French city will surely bring you millions of likes. Inside the French village, there are quite a lot of European leisure activities. Such as challenging, climbing,...

2. Walking on the bridges

Dubbed the city of the bridges, Da Nang has countless large bridges with unique architecture. Such as the Fire Dragon Bridge, the Han River Quay Bridge. Especially Golden Bridge on top of Ba Na, etc.

Recommended food in Da Nang on December
1. Seafood hotpot

It's chilly, but slurping a bowl of hot and sour hotpot plus shrimp, squid, fish, ... all fresh, then nothing better. As a coastal area, seafood in Da Nang always retains its inherent freshness, rich broth. Because the chef will skillfully season for all the sour and sour taste of chili, star fruit, tomato, sesame, lemongrass, and fragrant ginger. Extremely attractive.

2. Grilled seafood
Imagine sitting on a rainy day, sitting next to a fire, listening to the sizzle of cooked seafood on the grill, plus the fragrant smoky aroma on the nose of the nose. Da Nang seafood when baked up has a sweet, crunchy flavor. The taste will wake up when dipped in a cup of salt and green pepper.

Just thinking about it makes all of us will be crave. If you are foodie lover so don't forget to try this special local cuisines in Da Nang. In general, Da Nang is still a good place to visit when it is at the end of the year. Although there are no hustle and bustle like the days in the peak season. So do not hesitate to come to Da Nang in December.


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