Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

Wednesday, 10/01/2024

One of the world's top ten most beautiful coastal roads is the Hai Van Pass, located in Vietnam. In addition to being associated with many historical occurrences, this pass is also a fantastic location for many travelers due to the breathtaking and artistic beauty that captivates the hearts of all individuals. Combined with the zigzag roads, the treacherous death curve will make the journey for backpackers extremely difficult and will bring about experiences that are indeed one of a kind.

Hai Van Overview

Due to a gate at the pass's summit, the name "Hai Van Pass" is sometimes referred to as "Ai Van Pass." Because clouds frequently cover the top of the pass, the term "may pass" (clouds pass) is also used. Additionally, it traverses the Bach Ma mountain range, a portion of the Truong Son mountain range that extends close to the ocean.

The word "Hai" refers to the "Ocean," while the word "Van" connotes "White Clouds." This is because it is surrounded by white clouds throughout the year at the top of the pass, which is a stunning scenic area. Additionally, travelers can view the expansive coastline that extends to the horizon from the foot of the pass.

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

In addition, the Vietnamese also refer to it as May Pass, derived from the term "Van," which means "May." This is why its English name is "Ocean and Clouds Pass." It was previously mentioned by Jeremy Clarkson, the host of the reality television show Top Gear (UK), that this location is considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads on the planet. 

Explore Hai Van Pass - One of the world's top ten most beautiful coastal roads

Located on the national highway from north to south, the Hai Van Pass offers a breathtaking landscape. In addition to having the appearance of a massive dragon, it can be seen on Highway 1, which connects Danang City and  Hue. It is approximately 20km from the pass to  Danang city, and 70 kilometers to Hue city.  This is the highest pass in Vietnam at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level. This mountainous pass is where the Truong Son Range, which extends all the way to the ocean, ends. 

Throughout Vietnam's history, this pass has served as a significant obstacle for any ground army that has attempted to maneuver between the northern and central regions of the country. This particular Pass was called the "Street Without Joy" during the First Indochina War years. 

The beauty of Hai Van Pass

When traveling over Hai Van Pass, the feeling of being completely alone is the most incredible component of the experience. Amid the bleak and dark forest, a particular joy comes from strolling alone. In the history of the world, the most attractive sight has ever been created by the contrast between the waves in the blue sea and the verdant woods. 

Take-photos-at-Hai-Van-PassTake photos at Hai Van Pass

In the vast chasm that lines the pinnacle of the mountain, the bright and dark green colors of the trees are scattered over the landscape. This magnificent sight is filled with magical clouds floating in the sky, making Hai Van Pass a perfect place to drink a cup of coffee, immerse oneself in the calm vista of Hai Van Pass, and watch the trees sway in the air.

Admire-the-beautiful-scenery-from-the-cliff-at-Hai-Van-PassAdmire the beautiful scenery from the cliff at Hai Van Pass

This pass is a popular destination for hikers because it elicits a wide range of feelings. As soon as you leave the city, you will feel great excitement and fascination. You will feel anxious and a bit afraid when you are ready to approach the winding and perilous path you have decided to take. The further you travel, the more impressed you will be by the stunning natural surroundings that you will encounter. 

How to get to Hai Van Pass

By private car

The private car transfer we offer is the most suitable option for you, whether traveling from Hue to Danang or from Danang to Hue to Hai Van pass. To begin, you do no need to wait like you would at a cab stand. Also, if you request, we have baby seats available for you.

In the second place, we offer a wide variety of private car alternatives for you to select from, including limousines, SUVs, minivans, and sedans. Therefore, if you are traveling with youngsters or older folks, this is the most excellent alternative for you to consider. First and foremost, the journeys travel through the Hai Van Pass in Vietnam, and you can personalize the itinerary to include stops at any places you want to see.

In addition, you are free to leave at any moment most suitable for you. You will enjoy a tour that is not only pleasant and convenient but also comes with the bonus of having a local driver who is fluent in English and is familiar with the most significant attractions and stops.


By Motorbike

Renting a motorbike is a common way for people looking for an exciting experience to explore the Hai Van Pass. This drive will surely be an exciting experience due to the twisting roads and picturesque scenery.

The-winding-pass-road-at-Hai-Van-PassThe winding pass road at Hai Van Pass

There is no doubt that Hai Van Pass provides visitors with sensations that you cannot find anywhere else during their travels. When exploring Hai Van Pass, we advise you to go slowly, particularly when you step into sharp curves and blind corners.

What to do in Hai Van Pass?

Explore Hai Van Quan 

The location of this relic is on the summit of Hai Van Pass, which is situated at an elevation of 496 meters above sea level. It was constructed using this structure to provide the Hue Imperial Citadel with a defensive military castle.

In addition, the Hai Van Quan relic commemorates the seventieth anniversary of the victory obtained by Don Nhat. The combat occurred during the summer-autumn campaign of the resistance war between 1952 and 1954 against the French colonialists who invaded them.

Go Camping in Van village

About thirty kilometers away from Danang city is a quaint little village that is tucked away at the base of the mountain pass. This location is compared to a "forgotten land" amid the bustling metropolis of Danang because of its tranquility, the absence of people, and its exceptional level of cleanliness. When it comes to activities, the most popular ones in Van Village are camping and having a barbecue together. 

Hai Van Bac station

Bac Hai Van Station is a station that is located on the North-South railway route. This route connects the Da Nang Hai Van station with the Lang Co Hue station. The station may be found in the middle of the Hai Van Pass. Near the path, there is a breathtaking landscape with towering hills.

To reach the North Hai Van station, you must first go four kilometers to the ranger station and then travel one kilometer on the concrete road. This is all from the Hai Van Quan station.  This location is sufficient for you to take pleasure in photographing "virtual life." When shooting photographs, it is essential to remember that trains will continue to operate on the tracks, so make sure to check about carefully.

Don Ca Arch bridge

The bridge is constructed as a dome gate, and stone pillars defend it. It spans streams and measures approximately 100 meters in length and 20 meters in height. Upon arrival, you will undoubtedly be awestruck by the breathtaking view reminiscent of a movie. In the vicinity of the bridge is a verdant forest and clean air.

Additionally, at the base of the bridge is a natural stream that is relatively little and has several enormous rocks. The untamed natural scenery, breathtaking mountains, and woods are all captured in this unique background, perfect for preserving beautiful photographs.

Enjoy coffee shop in Hai Van Pass

A pretty poetic cafe called Hon Da Thuyen Coffee Shop is located right before the cliffs. 

The modest coffee shop has a straightforward design, with tables and chairs made of wood that are comfortable to sit at. Sitting back and enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee while taking in the breathtaking natural scenery that has not been altered is a delightful and highly calming experience.

Enjoy-vietnamese-coffee-at-cafe-shopEnjoy vietnamese coffee at cafe shop

For those who are traveling to Vietnam, particularly those who are in the provinces of Hue and Da Nang, the Hai Van Pass is an absolute must-see site. There are spectacular views, tough roads, and an insight into the history and culture of Vietnam that can be found once crossing the pass.





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