How to transfer from Hue to Danang?

Thursday, 16/11/2023

It is impossible to travel through Vietnam without stopping in two beautiful cities: Hue and Danang. Both cities are located in the middle of the country. Each city is less than 100 kilometers (km) from the Hai Van pass, and though they are close together, they each have distinctive qualities that provide visitors with a variety of varied experiences. The question now is, how can one go between these two locations? This article will discuss the top five ways to get from Hue to Danang city. If you're interested, you may refer to it.

Distance to Danang from Hue?

White sand beaches are a signature feature of Danang, a city that ranks among the most popular tourist attractions in the central region of Vietnam. It brings in millions of tourists every year, many of whom make it their base of operations before venturing out to discover other popular destinations in the area, such as the historic city of Hue. 

Since 1993, the city of Hue in Vietnam has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Hue was formerly the royal capital of Vietnam. This historic city is famous for its many features, such as the royal tombs and palaces, as well as the historical fortress. Those who are interested in history and culture should definitely pay a visit to these locations because they provide a window into the prosperous history of the area.

Girl-looking-at-Dragon-Bridge-Da-NangGirl looking at Dragon Bridge, Danang

Danang and Hue are both situated on the Central Coast of Vietnam; hence, the distance between the two cities is roughly 100 kilometers. The typical travel time between the two cities is something in the range of two to two and a half hours, but it can be as long as three hours if you use the train. From Hue, you can easily go to Danang for the day. 


How to get from Hue to Danang?

Hue to Danang by train

The section of the North-South railway that runs from Hue to Danang is widely regarded as being among the most breathtaking train rides in all of Vietnam, and in the year 2020, the train ride was featured in the list of the most beautiful railways in the world compiled by the Daily Mail magazine. On this railway, passengers get the opportunity to take in the majesty and beauty of the surrounding natural scenery. The quality of today's trains has also been improved by investing in new equipment, catering to the requirements of younger passengers who want to take pictures at check-in destinations as well as those who want to go on adventures. Approximately seven departures take place each and every day. Getting to the Danang Railway Station usually takes approximately three hours of travel time on average.

You have three options for purchasing tickets: you can buy them directly at the train station, via the website for Vietnam Railways, or by calling the hotline. You can also book rail tickets through the tourist office in your city or through your hotel.

There are many different types of seats available on the train from Hue to Danang, including hard seats, soft seats, beds for 4 people, and beds for 6 people (cabin), with prices ranging anywhere from 35,000 VND to 180,000 VND. To secure a position that is suitable and pleasant for you, the most money you will need to pay is 110 000 VND.

Because the departure time is set in stone and the train station only stops for a brief period of time (between five and seven minutes), you are required to verify the projected time of the arrival station and board or exit the train at the appropriate moment. In addition, if you want to get the most out of the scenic vistas along the route as you travel over Hai Van Pass, make sure that your seat is on the left side of the vehicle, as close as possible to the entrance.

Hue to Danang by bus

Along the route from Hue to Danang, the bus is a common mode of transportation. If you miss a trip, you won't have to wait too long because many busses leave the Hue Southern Bus Station and arrive at the Danang City Central Bus Station every day between the hours of 5:00 am and 7:00 pm. The frequency of departures increases to every 14 minutes during rush hour and to every 15 minutes during regular hours. The fare is affordable, coming in at only 70,000 VND for the entire journey. You can purchase tickets at the Southern bus terminal without making a reservation if you travel there straight. 

Hue-to-Danang-by-busHue to Danang by bus

As a result of the fact that this bus is a little car with fewer than 30 seats and that it contains a large number of people and things, the private space is rather limited, the quality is poor, and the facilities are deteriorating. Therefore, this automobile is somewhat reasonable, but it still needs to be taken into consideration. It is only appropriate for individuals who are interested in saving money and do not place a high priority on comfort or the opportunity to see the attractions along the way.


Hue to Danang by motorbike

When traveling in Vietnam, renting a motobike as a mode of transportation is no longer an unusual experience. These days, renting a motorcycle is the activity of choice for a significant portion of vacationers. You can ride a motorbike across the mountain pass, which is said to have one of the most breathtaking views in the world and stop at the summit to have a look at Hai Van Quan if you want to accomplish your goal of conquering the most beautiful passes.

You can either hire a tour guide to assure your safety and get the full experience, including even the most picturesque portions of the road, or you may rent a motorcycle and go adventuring on your own. It is possible to rent a motorcycle in Hue and either return it in Danang or bring it back to Hue. You are able to send your motorcycle through the tunnel at the office of the Hai Van Pass Tunnel Management Board if you are concerned about the level of danger that the pass will present to you. You will go on with your adventure after being transported in trucks and shuttles all the way through the tunnel to the other side.

Girl-checking-in-Hai-Van-PassGirl checking in Hai Van Pass

The route from Hue to Danang on a motorcycle might take a variety of different routes, so make a note of the places you want to stop along the way.

The cost of renting a motorbike from Hue to Danang ranges from approximately 100,000 VND to 180,000 VND per day for a car, and the price of 100 kilometers of gasoline is approximately 70,000 VND when taking the route that goes over the Hai Van pass. This brings the total price of renting a motorbike from Hue to Danang for two persons to less than 300,000 VND. Very convenient for young travelers on a limited budget who are backpacking.

Hue to Danang by private car

Because of the many benefits that come along with hiring a private car, making the trip from Hue to Danang in one of these vehicles is preferable to using a taxi service. First and foremost, make sure you have some degree of flexibility and save yourself some time when arranging your trip. When you hire a private car service, you can decide when you want to leave, and the driver will come to your location to pick you up. Aside from that, the route leading up the Hai Van Pass is absolutely breathtaking, and because of this, hiring a private automobile will assist you in proactively locating the spots where you can take pictures or enjoy the fresh air on the high pass.

Traveling by private car, in particular, is regarded as the safest mode of transportation due to the fact that the drivers are all handpicked and have prior expertise along the route. They are not only drivers, but in certain cases, they are also guides who will show you magnificent sights or locations in Hue along the journey, such as Thien Vien Truc Lam Bach Ma, Cau Hai Lagoon, and Canh Duong Beach.

Due to the fact that the rates of renting a private automobile are determined by the vehicle and not the person, this service is particularly well-suited for couples as well as families that are traveling with children. The personal vehicle service provides families or groups of friends with a level of convenience and discretion that is not available with other means of transportation.

Hue to Danang by taxi

When traveling from Danang to Hue, taking a taxi is an option worth considering if ease of travel and relaxation are high on your list of requirements. It is especially handy for tourists from other countries because they may arrange to be picked up and dropped off at a predetermined spot. 

Despite this, it is the mode of transportation with the highest overall cost. A private car with four seats will cost approximately 3,000,000 VND for a round trip, while a taxi with seven seats will cost over 3,400,000 VND.

The following are the five most efficient ways to get from Hue to Danang. When traveling from Hue to Danang, we hope that the information presented here will make it easier for you to decide which mode of transportation will serve you best.




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