Paradise For Coco Beach Camp From Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Monday, 31/08/2020

The Coco beach camp is located at Lê Minh Công, Tân Phước village, La Gi town, Bình Thuận, Vietnam or approx for 55km away from Muine sand dunes. Cellphone: 093316 3333 to book the camp for you.

The Coco beach camp coral Lagi is distance around 165km for 3h35 minutes in driving from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. It was known as a paradise for Coco beach camp from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.

How to get to there from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam? as you know there are not any train and shuttle bus travel directly to Coco beach camp La Gi, therefore you may take a private taxi transfers from Ho Chi Minh to Muine and ask our taxi and driver stops via at Lagi on the road.

When you are planning to go to the beach to relax, especially during this summer days, how would be a trip in your imagination? Certainly there must be the sea with clear blue water, beside the stretching a stunning white sandy beach, where fresh seafood dishes are exposed to the grill…

And of course, at the end of the day, surely you want to sleep on a warm bed of a hotel or resort with all the comforts and types of relaxation services that you need.

Experience the difference?

Although  paradise for Coco beach camp from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam is not separated from the surrounding world, but as soon as you step in, you will feel it is almost a completely different world than the nearby beach. Differences from the decorations, the exciting atmosphere to the enthusiastic welcome guests as warmly as the close friends of  the staff  here.

With a  large beach, a small white beach villa, a Hawaiian-style round bar, a large library, the specialty of Coco Beach Camp is there are no buildings or houses like other hotels or resorts, but there are plenty of colorful tents built up in the area, stretching from the beach to the garden area inside. And here is the place  where you and all your friends or families  will sleep or rest during this like no other beach experience.

The tents here are very varied, suitable to 1 person or a family can sleep together.
That’s  a very strange and special characteristic of “Coco Beach Camp”, so when coming here, you definitely have to try to sleep in the tent! It will help you enjoy the peace, get into the nature with sun, wind and sea, forget the noise and bustle of the city.

Actually, what I was most impressed about this place was the sunny afternoon, when you could climb up the tends on the trees to admire the whole scenery of Lagi, Binh Thuan, take a deep breath to enjoy the cool and warm air of the sea, find beautiful corners to take some sets of photos while strolling around. You will be surprised because there are so many beautiful corners as an expensive resort!

These are lazy chairs, swings, white hammocks or glittering blue net at the beach, all of  these not only give you the most pleasurable experience, but also the the most beautiful photos.

There are also many outdoor games such as parasailing, boating, diving, fishing, vegetable cultivation, morning yoga exercises, beach volleyball, mini football, etc. So, you can get full enjoyment at this beach without fear of boredom.

There is nearby a small fishing village, you can also go there to buy for yourself seafood such as fish, squid, shrimp… which fishermen has just return on their catching trip to prepare yourself a meal right on the windy shore.

And there is one thing that you have to keep in mind, the  paradise for Coco beach camp from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam is extremely clean and almost without rubbish. This is a great plus and it will help you to be more conscious in protecting the cleanliness of the sea than when staying here.

Staying in Coco Beach camp La Gi Binh Thuan.

I. Tent area

Luxury tents for 2-6 guests. Equipped with cushions, pillows, blankets, fans and power plugs. Guests use public toilets 10m away from the tent. The tent is located in the private tent area of ​​up to 5000m2.

The price to rent a tent: 150,000VND/person/night

II. Beach hut sea view rooms

– Area of ​​10m2. From the room, you can overlooking the hill and the sea. The distance from this area to the beach is 100m. The location is quite far from other areas but in return you can enjoy quiet and romantic space.

Room price 700,000 VND/room night.
Includes: Breakfast, pool for 2 people ( additional  200,000 VND /person)

III. Wood houses area

Wood houses area is completely decorated with wood. The scene here is like a peaceful, rustic village. Here you are living in harmony with nature with green vegetables gardens, and the crows of the rooster every morning to give the signal of a new day begun.

Area of ​​10m2. From the room, you can overlooking the garden and the sea
Room price 700,000 VND/room/night.
Includes: Breakfast, pool for 2 people (additional  200,000 VND /person)

IV. Villa sea view

The villa room is in front of the beach. From one side of the room, you may see the swimming pool. Here you can make outdoor parties with BBQ, seafood…
Area of 80m2 for 15 people, price 3,000,000VND/night
Price is not included food and swimming in swimming pool.

V. Camping trailer

This is the first form of stay in Vietnam. You will experience a whole new feeling, the trailer camp is decorated with beautiful colors which are  in harmony with the color of the sea. You will feel closer to nature than ever before because you hear the sound of waves anytime here.

Room area: 6m2
Price: 600.000d
Includes: Breakfast, pool for 2 people. (Additional 200,000 VND/person).
Note: No toilet facilities.

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