Marble Mountains Things To Know In 2024

Friday, 21/06/2024

The Marble Mountain is a magnificent natural that Danang, Vietnam, is fortunate to have as its own. Due to the harmonious beauty of the ecological environment as well as the spiritual and cultural life, this location can draw a large number of people from all over the world. 

Marble Mountains introduces

Marble Mountains Danang, also known as Ngu Hanh Son, is located approximately 8 kilometers from the city center. These five marble mountains form a cluster near the Non Nuoc sea. Consequently, it is also called Hon Non Nuoc.  

Marble Mountains, Danang

You will have the most relaxing experience possible if you take an exciting vacation to the Marble Mountains. Visiting the pagodas, grottoes, and a breathtaking view of Danang city at Ngu Hanh Son. 

The five mountains were given the name Ngu Hanh Son by King Gia Long, who laid the foundation for the Nguyen Dynasty, during his visit to the area at the beginning of the 19th century. 

Marble Mountains is the one of the best places to visit in Danang

Furthermore, he gave each of them a name that corresponded to one of the five elements that make up the universe: Kim Son, which is a metal of gold; Moc Son, which is wood; Thuy Son, which is water; Hoa Son, which is fire; and Tho Son, which is earth. 

The five elements that are responsible for the creation of the cosmos are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, according to the philosophy of the East. The number five holds a significant status in the culture and way of life of the East. 

Therefore, the five mountains that make up Marble Mountains are brimming with a sense of mystery.

Where is Marble Moutains? 

  • Location: 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City
  • Opening hours: 7h00 am to 5h30 pm
  • Entrance fee: 40,000vnd/person

Marble Mountains is located at No.81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City. With the advantageous geographical position, you can visit many well-known heritage sites in the Central Region from Marble Mountains such as Hoian Ancient, My Sươn Sanctuary, and Hue Imperial Citadel. 

Best Time to Visit the Marble Mountains

The best time to visit Marble Moutains is from February to May and from June to September with blue skies, and a breeze, refreshing light. 

With the temperature ranging from 30 to 36 degrees Celsius, you can go trekking and explore the beautiful landscape in Marble Mountains in Danang. 

The man is meditating at the Marble Mountains

Your treks will be much more enjoyable if you go during the early morning hours, between 7h00 and 9h00am, and in the late afternoon, beginning at 4:00 pm. The temperature is lower during these times. To get ready for the journey, you should make sure that you have sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated, comfortable clothing, and some hiking shoes. 

You should not visit Marble Mountains between October to November. The Danang weather is heavily rainy and typhoons. 

What to do in Marble Mountain?

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is on the eastern side of Water Mountain. This pagoda has been around for more than two hundred years and attracted a large number of people who come to worship Buddha or who are looking for relax, and peace.

Xa Loi Tower and the Buddha statue stands at a height of ten meters are the places to visit in Marble Mountains. 

Xa Loi Tower


The Xa Loi Tower, which was constructed in 1997, stands at a height of 28 meters, has seven stories, and contains a total of 200 statues of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Arhat. Besides, Linh Ung Pagoda has many stone statues. 

Huyen Khong Cave

Huyen Khong cave is the largest and most beautiful cave in the Marble Mountains.  As a result of the cave's open and distinctive architecture, the Buddha statue is illuminated by sunshine that comes from the top of the cave, resulting in a breathtaking image. 

Visitors flock to the Chua Tien Temple and the Thuong Ngan Temple, both of which are modest temples located outside of the cave, to pray for improved health and financial prosperity.

Am Phu Cave

Am Phu Cave, one of the biggest caves in Marble Mountains, is completely different from Huyen Khong Cave. 

With a length of 302 meters and heights of 40 to 50 meters, Am Phu Cave is an impressive attraction. 

Am Phu Cave


The natural formation of the cave has been skillfully adorned with intricate sculptures that convey the Buddhist principle of Karma, the idea that every action has consequences.

Tam Thai Pagoda

The Tam Thai Pagoda is a historic pagoda that was constructed in the 17th century under the Le Dynasty, sits atop Water Mountain and is encircled by picturesque environment. 

There are three doors leading up to its entry, and according to Buddhist doctrine, the middle gate is reserved exclusively for monks, while the left gate is reserved for men and the right gate is reserved for women.

Tam Thai Pagoda

The pagoda has been subjected to a great deal of renovation. In addition to being designated as a National Historical and Cultural Heritage Site, the Tam Thai Pagoda has developed into a place of worship for Buddhists.

Hải Đài Tower

Hai Dai Tower is the next place that you should visit when traveling in Marble Mountains. You can have the impression that you have discovered a mystical secret area in the center of the mountains when you find the tower. 

Due to the tower's elevated position, the view from the Sea Watching Tower is very breathtaking. From this vantage point, you can see the city, Non Nuoc beach, and Cu Lao Cham all framed in a picture frame in the form of natural trees. 

How to get to the Marble Mountains?

Marble mountains are about 11km from Danang city and is one of the bes things to do in Dananbg on your vacation in Vietnam. 

From Danang city center, you can choose many vehicle transfers to Marble Mountains such as taxis, motorbikes, private cars, bus. Additionally, for those who are looking for an experience that is more exciting and engaging, renting a bicycle or motorbike can be a fun way to go to the location. 

This allows passengers to explore the picturesque landscape that is located along the road.

Signboard showing the way to Heaven's Gate


Taking a local bus is a cheap option. Howerver visitors will have no trouble locating the appropriate bus stops and will be able to inquire about the exact bus routes that lead to this destination.

Danang car rental service from Vietnam Trust Car Rental will be the best choice to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. Our driver will pick you up at the hotel and transfer you directly to Marble Mountains. 

Besides, you can combine the Danang tour 1 day by private car, and the Danang to Hoian tour 1 day by private car to explore Marble Mountains and some attractions spots in Danang such as Linh Ung Pagoda, My Khe Beach, Hai Van Pass, Hoian ancient town,... 

Marble Mountains, located in Danang, is home to a diverse range of breathtaking natural vistas as well as a spiritual culture that is very significant. This natural attraction is a perfect example of how stunning caves, gorgeous mountains, and well-known temples can all work together in perfect harmony. When you are in Danang city, you should not pass up the opportunity to see the Marble Mountains.




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